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Mickey Dortch is a 54-year-old Air Force Veteran residing in Seymour, MO. In 2001, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s has been progressing rapidly and has become worse within the past year. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Fortunately, Mickey has been selected to have a non-fetal stem cell transplant to slow down the progression and improve his symptoms. Mickey, who is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, needs our help, because the cost of the stem cell transplant is overwhelming.

Before Mickey’s diagnosis he coached his sons, Chris and Ryan’s little league baseball teams. Mickey also was a little league umpire. Nowadays, Mickey can barely sit through a baseball game without difficulty and is unable to play catch with his grandson, Nickolai. Mickey also loves to fish and golf, but these activities have become all but impossible. Our hope is that the stem cell transplant will improve the Parkinson’s symptoms so that he is able to enjoy these activities again.


July 27, 2016

Thank you Aunt JoAnn and Aunt Jannette for your donations. Love ya, Mickey & Jerrilynn

Mickey and Jerrilynn

May 23, 2016

Thank you so much Ken and Sharon and David. Your help is so much appreciated. Love Mickey and Jerrilynn

Mickey Dortch

May 22, 2016

Dear Mickey, You and your family are in our prayers. We love you, Ken and Sharon Friddle

Sharon (Dortch) Friddle