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On September 6th, our son, Brooks suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury following a devastating car accident. Brooks is now paralyzed from his sternum down. We do feel very fortunate that he does have use of his upper body, arms, hands and his wildly creative and unique mind is working at 110%. However, the care he needs is very expensive, which is why we need your support.

Brooks is a wonderful son, brother, nephew, cousin and good friend to many. He is a lover, a dreamer, and a healer. Prior to his accident, Brooks was working as a massage therapist, an herbalist, and is Reiki 2 certified. He was headed to India in October to study yoga at a yoga institute. His focus has always been to help others get well and feel and be their best. Brooks is one of a kind, he is a person who does not pass through life without affecting those around him for the better. Conifer High School Marching Band gives out the annual Brooks Davis Award to a student who embodies Brooks’ loving and compassionate spirit. He is very optimistic and is determined to make as much progress as possible and looks forward to becoming an active member of the community again.

Updates (6)

November 30, 2016

Nov 29th

Brooks has finally gotten his cervical collar removed and has been able to start regular physical and occupational therapy sessions at Craig. Last week he was fitted for a customized wheelchair and he looks forward to getting that around the end of the year. He spends several hours during the week at PEAK, a spinal rehab gym that is at Craig Hospital. Thanks for all continued encouragement, It really helps

October 29, 2016

Thanks to all for the tremendous outpouring of Love and support from everyone. Brooks is finally out of the hospital in Utah and back in Colorado.We are getting adjusted to a new lifestyle and looking forward to starting some regular visits to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital which is one to the best spinal cord injury rehab centers in the world. Brooks is also starting some alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage and is showing some signs of improvement in gaining some feelings below his chest. We'll be very busy with improvements,appointments etc for the next few weeks.thanks again for everything


April 25, 2017

Hi Brooks, long time no see man. I just wanted to send my love and support your way. Thinking of you through the years. Hope life is looking up, keep up the good work man. I remember you always being like a bright light in any room you were all the way through elementary middle and high school, I know you are still that way! Keep spreading the light!

Rachel Dyer and Family

October 21, 2016

Brooks, you made a big positive impact on me in the short time our paths were crossed and I know you went on to do the same for many others. Positivity, love and good juju to you through this difficult time.

Melissa Hallada

October 20, 2016

Just to remind you that I think of you everyday and am sending love and light.

Love ya lots

Kris Ahlberg