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This page was created by family and friends of Susan Thompson.

A caring mother, daughter, sister and wife, a teacher to many, and a source of love and inspiration to all, Susan has endured end-stage liver disease for several years and the time has come for an improvement in her quality of life.

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April 30, 2017

Astounding News!
On March, 26 2017, I got the call from Mayo Clinic Phoenix that a possible liver donation was available for me… the liver itself got on a plane as I with my family drove from Tucson to the hospital right away. The liver itself turned out to be a great match for me and lo and behold, about 6 hours later the gifted and caring surgeons, doctors, and nurses had me in ICU and “awaking” to meet my new friend and liver…Lilly!

I am now 5 weeks out from transplant, and although it is slow going I am progressing well! I have new daily routines to incorporate that keep me and my new liver safe and healthy. I can’t begin to name the many lessons and aha’s I’ve been privileged to experience during this whole “adventure”…

Words alone can never convey the love and generosity from so many people who made and still make my continued journey through life possible.

I have so much gratitude. I thank you all and will do my best to honor the gift you have given me.

Thank you to my friends old and new. Thank you to my co-workers…fellow teachers and artists. Thank you to every one of my family members…especially my two daughters, Kate and Sam. They kept me afloat through perilous times and always held my heart close.
Thank you to Bentley’s House of Tea and Coffee for supporting Sam’s absence from work while she spent 5 weeks as my caregiver 24/7. Thank you to Sam for being the best caregiver you could ever hope to have. Thank you to Kate for creating this fundraiser and managing the nuts and bolts of the transplant and my life while I was unable. So many people gave so much to me. They reached out and constantly surprised and amazed me with their care and generosity. I never knew. How many people cared. I am humbled. I am filled with gratitude.

January 31, 2017

‎Samantha Thompson‎ to Let’s Give Her A Liver!
December 9, 2016 · Tucson ·
Thank you so much to everyone who helped make our fundraiser a success tonight! We were completely blown away by all of the love, support and time donated to our cause. If you won a raffle basket and were not present to collect your prize we will be contacting phone numbers provided on raffle tickets and will be delivering baskets tomorrow. Our family is incredibly grateful to have such a supportive and loving community around us. We love you all from the very bottom of our hearts! <3

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July 3, 2017

Cheering you on Susan! Sending hugs from Michigan. ❤️❤️❤️‼️

Lois Carpenter

June 27, 2017

Sam the best to you from one recipient to another. December 4, 2014.

Dwight J. Crawford

May 1, 2017

Thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones. May your healing be rapid and very successful. Keep smiling.

Edie Sly

May 1, 2017

healing thoughts and hugs. we are so excited about your new healthy lifeMOM

sally Hall