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Valene is a 42-year-old woman who suffers from kidney failure. In order to stay alive, she must spend 12 hours a day on dialysis which costs over $6000 a week. Valene desperately needs a kidney transplant to regain her health and life. Due to the overwhelming
associated costs, she needs help.

Growing up in a cult, Valene has lived an extremely stressful life. She also has a very large family that she has lovingly raised in spite of her health problems. During one overwhelmingly difficult
period, she was under duress from the mandate by her church to home school their children, her 8-week baby was sick with RSV, and her a 6-year old son sustained critical injuries after he fell and cracked his skull. At the same time, her husband was exiled from the town by the cult leaders. It was then that Valene started experiencing many extreme and scary symptoms sparked by the tremendous amount of stress she was under. At a time when her world seemed to be caving in, Valene was diagnosed with renal failure.