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Many of you know my brother-in-law, Rich Snyder’s funny side. What you may not know is that he is becoming increasingly ill with every passing day. Rich is currently on the active waiting list for a lung transplant as soon as one becomes available. We are now asking for the support of friends and family during this critical time.

Rich is a 49 year old husband, stepfather to 4 and soon to be daddy to his very own little princess. He is also the beloved “Richie” to 16 daycare kids! Rich served his time in Germany in the army, which he joined right out of high school. He then worked in construction for over 20 years. During his time in the army he came into contact with some very nasty chemicals that did awful damage to his lungs. The doctors have decided that his only chance to live to see his princess celebrate her 2nd birthday is for him to have a double lung transplant. This is his only chance at life!! They need our help!!

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