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Wendy’s Wandering Way

Dear Friends, Family, Friends of Family, Friends of Friends, Students, Former Students, and Heroic Strangers,


January 15, 2018

Wendy, I still remember you as one of the best advisors I’ve had throughout my education. Thank you for everything you did for me- I’m thinking of you and am more than happy to help however I can.

Wendi Reichstein

January 13, 2018

You are a rockstar, Wendy! Thank you so much for all of the support, advice, and encouragement.

Layla Wehbe

January 8, 2018

Wendy, I was saddened to hear about your struggles but have no doubt that you will persevere! The world needs your beautiful spirit and heartwarming smile! Praying for your surgery and ongoing treatment. If you are comfortable with it, I would like to post your campaign on my Facebook page. Like you, I am also in higher education and would like to help assist you in making your goal. We are here to help!

Michelle Kelly Reeves

December 15, 2017

Wendy Boggs you are my hero! You have contribute so much wisdom, kindness, guidance and grace to so many. It our turn to give back! You are always in my thoughts and prayers....Girl, we got you!! Hugs

Jennifer Betancourt