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Rachelle Needs Your Help

Family and friends of Rachelle Price-Gunderson are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with transplantation.

Updates (9)

February 9, 2018

Hello to all,
This is long overdue and I apologize. We are home with only bi-weekly visits to Portland for needed checkups. I am able to do my weekly labs in Grants Pass. Results from my first biopsy showed that there are no signs of rejection – huge relief! My kidney team is extremely pleased with my progress; from day one my kidney has been working 100% and I plan on keeping it that way.

It is time that I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone for all of your positive thoughts and prayers and also for your generous donations. This support has been the key to my recovery, I believe. I plan on taking the very best care of myself, which in turn will be taking care of my new kidney as well. I will keep you all informed of our progress.

To be continued… for now, Matt and I want to sincerely thank you all again for your continued support and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.


February 6, 2018

Hello hello. Matt and Rachelle’s friend, Cinthia, posting an update. First, thank you all so very much. This has been an incredible experience for any friend, to help another with such a process. And the gift itself… it is tremendous.

So Rachelle has been very busy post-transplant. There were, and still are, lots of doctors, appointments and monitoring. Levels must be monitored very very closely. All seems to be going fantastically and the doctors etc, in a word, are thrilled with Rachelle’s progress.

Rachelle will tell you more in a very short but she too is thrilled… grateful and HEALTHY too. xoxo to All.