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Moseley is an incredibly unique little 5 year old. She loves motown music and anything sparkly and we like to call her Moe. Moe has a special way about her even though she can’t speak she has so much to say. Our family is absolutely in love with everything about her. Moe lives at home with her daddy and I and her little sister, Tempest (2) and her brother, Asher (9 months). We are a full home, but a happy one. We are struggling to pay for the things that can give Moe a better quality of life.

Moe was diagnosed with FoxG1 almost two years ago. FoxG1 is a very rare condition that only about 350 people in the world have. It is a condition that causes impaired development. Moe can’t talk, walk, or sit up. She has some breathing issues and seizure like activity, such as abnormal or involuntary movements. Moseley also can’t eat by mouth. She has a G-Tube that puts nutrition and water straight into her body through a port in her abdomen. Moe doesn’t sleep most nights and, since she is in constant motion, she is often sore and in pain. The most frustrating thing is that she can’t tell us what is wrong and we often don’t know how to help her. Our sweet girl has all of those hardships but she is so much more than her diagnosis. She is loving and bright with a bit of an attitude. The money we raise will be used to improve her quality of life.


April 30, 2018

Hugs for Moseley <3

Mark Joshi

April 26, 2018

Love you guys so much.

Stephanie Martin

April 26, 2018

Moseley is a very vary special girls. She has captured my heart. Even though communication seems improbably, she has taught me to push beyond the "easy" way to love and love her the way she asks and needs. Her parents are warriors for her. Please help them care for her.

Ann Kinnebrew