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Hello!! I need a four organ transplant: Liver, Complete intestine system,stomach, and pancreas.

Approx. 30 yrs ago i was diagnosed with liver disease. this was unchallenged for a few years until 2015. I was misdiagnosed because of rarity of disease which is hepato-pulmonary syndrome. My liver causes oxygen deficiencies to my lungs and i have 32% of the oxygen I need to sustain me.I have portal vein thrombosis which has caused many tiny blood clots to form around my entire abdominal area.Drs. state I am only person in Us with all these issues at once due to the lung issue. Maybe even the world..

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October 15, 2019

I have now been accepted for a liver transplant and am awaiting the call. It has been a long wait but the time is here. Though liver transplants are very common now, mine is still a very rare operation with only 1 being done in last 5 years. I’m very thankful not to need the full abdominal transplant at this time. I am also very thankful for this opportunity of a new lease on life and praise God for it. Thank you all for your help and good wishes.

August 14, 2019

Hi everyone !! you haven’t seen me on here in a while because I am waiting on a final verdict from Duke, everything is back and forth with my doctors and I may only be eligible for a liver transplant. It has been a long journey and I will update very soon. Please keep me in your prayers,
Love to you all

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