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Back in 2009, Brenda was having a hard time breathing so her daughter and she ended up going to the hospital to figure it out.

She was diagnosed with having COPD. She has been living with COPD going on 10 years now. She believes a transplant will help her spend more time with her children and get to know her grandchildren better. She also believes that having a transplant will help her fulfil a lot of her dreams and her bucket list. Having COPD has changed her life drastically because, she is not able to continue to do the things she enjoys. She likes fishing, taking her grandkids to the park or even to the zoo. She also can’t walk much without being out of breath, so she believes this transplant would be a huge life changer and help her fulfill so many of the things she loves doing and some she has been able to do yet.

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November 12, 2019

I am still trying to get donate to help me stay in st louis for three month’s after my transplants

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