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Sonia’s life has been filled with a series of unfortunate events mixed with amazing miracles and blessings. She has survived it all and is still fighting on.

Her health issues began as early as the age of 5. Right after her very 1st car accident. She unfortunately was not secured in a seatbelt in her stepfather’s small 1980 Toyota pick-up. Her stepfather rear ended someone as he was speeding up. She flew into the windshield face first and smashed the glass with her forehead. She received no medical treatment except for an ice pack off the side of the road from the ambulance. Her parents didn’t want to get in trouble for the seatbelt law that had just passed and was being seriously enforced at that time. This is why she was denied any further medical treatment.
She was told every year she was in elementary, middle school and in high school they believe she had Scoliosis. No one looked into it further, not her parents or her coaches when she complained about back and joint pain in just playing and in sports.
2nd car accident was when she was 18 and occurred on Mother’s Day right after she and her boyfriend at that time took her mother out to eat and celebrate. On the way back home they were involved in a head-on collision when someone turn left in front of them. Had she not removed the chest belt from her neck because of the discomfort, the injury would have been far worse. Luckily she only had her lap belt on which held her in place. Had she not been wearing it, she would have gone through the windshield. She was then taken advantage of by the injury attorney, so again no proper medical treatment for new symptoms and pain brought on by the accident.
3rd car accident was just before she left for Hurricane Katrina Red Cross relief in 2005. She went out with friends to say goodbye before she was deployed to volunteer. We believe someone had put something in her drink. She had only one drink, she drove her friends home, she remembered leaving her friends and then she woke up to a totaled vehicle perfectly parked. She was injured, but pushed through it all and still went on the volunteer deployment she signed up for.
4th car accident was when she was already in Louisiana volunteering. She decided to purchased a new 2006 Chevy equinox because her vehicle had been totaled just before she left San Diego. She was run into by a driver setting her up for an insurance scam. The driver saw her signal to get over into the right lane. As Sonia began to merge the lady purposely sped up into Sonia’s blind spot and collided directly into her. The police officer on the scene informed her she was the victim of a auto insurance scam. This accident wasn’t so bad as the rest were, but shook her up regardless.
5th car accident she had just received her newly purchased vehicle from the repair shop. She didn’t know it at the time, but that vehicle ended up having a bad high roll-over rating. She decided to drive back to San Diego from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina relief. She was not too far from Pecos, Texas when wind-sheer shoved her vehicle off the road. She tried to correct and ended up rolling approximately 8 times. She ended up upside down on the opposite side of the interstate in a ravine with barbed wire. Again she did not receive proper healthcare. Since there were no other vehicles involved she was only able to receive the little medical coverage from her personal auto insurance policy. It was all squandered by her chiropractor. She was not well enough to understand what he was doing and only receiving his care did not help her.
6th car accidents was a year later. A friend of hers at that time was driving her and her younger brother back home from dinner. Apparently he had too much to drink and thought it would be fun and cool to show off and pull some sort of stunt in his nice new BMW convertible. He ended up violently smashing her side of his vehicle into a tree. She chose to protect her friend and didn’t report the accident or her injuries. She sacrificed so he wouldn’t go to jail for DUI, or suffer from not having auto insurance on top of it all. (Yes! She is way to forgiving) This so called friend comes from a very wealthy and prominent family. He still chose to chastise her for having been injured by his reckless action and abandoned her after everything she did to protected him. Thank God her brother was okay!
Nearly a year later she had surgery to remove a mass and her gangrenous ovary. Throughout the years she has endured 3 miscarriages, 2 epidurals, and a C-section. She has survived and escaped domestic violence, sexual assaults, homelessness (3 times, once with children), the theft and totaling of her nearly paid off vehicle, the theft of her service animal by one of the drivers of the transportation company paid by her insurance company to transport her to doctors appointments. These same drivers purposely use the information they have about her health conditions to exacerbate her continuously with mental, emotional, and physical abuse as they transport her. She refuses to endanger her and her children’s lives any further by using their services. Most importantly her oldest son’s father/abuser has illegally disappeared with their son for the 3rd time. This time for nearly 3 years. Just imagine the grief alone. All of this has contributed to the exacerbation of her health’s condition. She is unable to speak up in court on her own behalf. She requires an attorney’s help to help find her eldest son.
Sonia currently suffers from prior TBI, Scoliosis, TMJD, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondylosis, Fibromyalgia, PTSD from several different traumas (including the car accidents), Anxiety Disorder and an undiagnosed autoimmune issue that is attacking her joints and skin. She has been forced into a electric mobility chair for 2 years now. She is a fighting strong, single parent. Everything she does is for her children. She must be as self sufficient as possible in order to be the best mother possible for her young sons.
With proper equipment, supplies and medical care Sonia and her family can improve her and their quality of life tremendously. Having the proper mobility chair for her body’s requirements which costs $47,343.17 will give her the ability to do so much more for and with her sons and for herself. She will be able to join them in the grass again. With features that are nothing short of amazing to ensure her safety no mater where she is in her chair or what time of day she will be safe. The future is bright! 😀
She is in desperate need of a modified vehicle to accommodate her chair and her physical limitations. This vehicle also needs to be a place where Sonia can recoup and address any symptoms that may arise while she is out and about in public unable to get home.
Being able to purchase a bed that meets her physical needs will help her be able to get out of bed on her own again and to sleep a lot better. Being able to sleep better will help her in her healing and pain control. She used to be an athlete (distance runner, soccer, ocean/pool swimmer, dancer, skateboarded half pipe…). A walk in bathtub will only add to her self sufficiency and self healing. Hot water therapy is extremely important for Sonia. Many of her different conditions benefit tremendously from Hot water Epson Dead Sea Salt therapy. Maintaining constant health especially for autoimmune diseases/disorders requires vitamins, minerals, supplements, and healthy prepared meals on a monthly basis. Once back on track with proper equipment she may be able to take on some of the meal making again.
Sonia is 42 (23 at heart). She has a lot of vibrant life inside of her that wants desperately to get back out into the world. She wants to be there with her sons, living life to the fullest for as long as God allows.
With help from her family, friends, and loving strangers like yourself, she will become the success story she is destined to be for her sons and in Heavenly Father’s name. He has been saving her from nearly dying so many times in her life she literally passed a cats 9 lives. She know she is here in this world because he wants and needs her to be. Please help support Sonia and her sons in this wonderful journey towards healing. They are excited to bring you along with them as they share her story and Sonia’s progress. Without your loving support none of this will be possible. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read about Sonia and her family. May God bless you and your loved ones.

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