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Ann needs your help!

Living with multiple sclerosis has not been easy. This painfully progressive and chronic illness has been the hardest challenge I have faced. Much like any trial in life, I need support when things get tough. And right now, it is tough. Several months ago, one of my insurance benefits was taken away and left me without the caregiver help that I desperately need. Then all of my benefits were taken away. Someone clearly overstepped their bounds. Right now I seem to be losing many battles. My well-being, physical, and emotional health depend on me getting this care. Please donate anything you can to help.

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September 2, 2020

Feeling grateful because:

Had a very sweet college student helping some until her classes started back.

Did not have to miss my infusion in August!

Was able to have a few people come in to help with a bath and hygiene, but not every day, sadly.

Got a hair cut in my home!

Got almost two weeks afternoon care!

Made it to my family doctor appointment this month.

Got three days both morning and afternoon care. I cannot let her continue, sadly.

Had help w some cleaning could not do yesterday, okay this was free of charge yesterday, but still.

Getting help with life alert for now which used to be covered.

Now my fundraiser has hit a slump, and I need help bad.

Some kind, lovely people chipped in and made sure my emotional support dog had his dental chews, d-mannose, probiotics, prescription Hills and even tripe! Bentley's supply list on Amazon and an in person dog food delivery

Spent money wisely

Thank you all so much again.

Please share this page and get the word out if you will! God bless!

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July 29, 2020

Prayers for help for you and your Pup!

Ellen Fiorentino