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Family and friends of Mollie Pegram are raising money to pay for any of the uninsured medical expenses, transportation and housing associated with a double lung transplant.

Mollie was a normal healthy mom, wife, nurse prior to the fall of 2011. She very suddenly got sick, short of breath and was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism and other complications. Several months of tests continued to stump doctors as to what was going on and why she was so short of breath. Finally in 2012 a team of doctors at UC and Christ Hospitals in Cincinnati diagnosed Mollie with a mixed connective tissue disorder, pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension. With significant damage to her lungs Mollie was advised that her condition was incurable and would progressively get worse, just how fast was the question. Doctors recommended double lung transplant but also gave an option of treatment to surpress the disease and try to give her some mobility. Being a 15 year surgical nurse Mollie was very familiar with the risks of surgery, especially transplant and at that time felt treatment and medication would allow her to get back to work in her most important job, being a Mom to Jack and Riley.

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July 1, 2015

Sorry for the long delay in providing an update. Mollie is doing GREAT, she had her 6-month post transplant check up in June and had zero signs of rejection!!! Thank You to all of those who have prayed for her healing as well as contributed to her fund. We continue to be overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and have been very blessed that your donations have taken care of the majority of our out of pocket medical expenses.

December 21, 2014

Just wanted to let everyone know Mollie is HOME!!! The local paper and tv news did a story about her one more about her and the journey (see link below) and the other about the importance of being a organ donor.

What an amazing journey it has been, I have started to write something, I am not sure if it will be a class, speech, book, blog or something just for me but the whole process has been extremely humbling and making me realize how precious life is, how quickly it can change and how important the little people in your life are that you often take for granted.

With that said I hope everyone has a GREAT holiday season, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and know the I appreciate everything you do for my family, the fire service, the schools, our communities and our church’s, but again especially what you have done for me and my family and we love you!

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January 3, 2015

We are so happy and so thankful to our Lord for you and your measure of health.

Jerry & Susie

December 15, 2014

Mollie- So glad to hear that our prayers were answered and you're doing well! Hope to visit and see you soon.

Brad Welage

November 18, 2014

Have been saying prayers for you Mollie and for your family, and will continue to pray for all of you! So glad to hear that the transplant went well and that you are doing so well! God bless you!

Jackie & John Kraemer, Double J Cafe

October 26, 2014

heard this story on jumpseat podcast. Keep fighting Mollie!!

Jeff Obernesser