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Mariah Needs Your Help

Mariah Neiswender is a 46 year old single mother of three who is very ill. For years she has been struggling with Alpha 1antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder that causes COPD. Mariah’s is complicated with bronchiectasis and emphysema, she is now in end stage COPD. Mariah’s condition had worsened to the point that she had to be put on the waiting list for a double lung transplant. Since then, Mariah and her caregiver have been traveling back and forth 160 miles every 6 weeks for her medical appointments. Transplants are life-saving but are very expensive.

Updates (2)

June 24, 2018

Good news. I just got my test results today and my antibodies have dropped below 90! This is the first in the three years I’ve been tested that this has ever happened. Waiting to hear from my Doctor to let me know if we continue the infusions! Thank you again for your support.

May 21, 2018

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone for their support, you are all very kind. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I want to catch everyone up. Since the beginning, my antibodies have been high,(I have Rh negative blood) in the 90’s, which is making it difficult for me to find a good match for transplant. The Doc decided it was time to try the IVIG’s, followed by the Ritoxin infusions, in hopes to get my antibodies lowered to possibly the 60′! I am at an ideal spot on the list for transplant when I am found a match. Hoping and praying this works. I get 2 days of the infusions with a nurse at home, then in ten days we have to travel to Temple Lung, to have the Ritoxin infusions at the Cancer center. Waiting to hear the test results to see if they were effective. I will post updates as they come.

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July 11, 2018

I pray daily for this transplant to come thru for you. I want so much for your girls and grandbabies to get their dream of you being able to be "normal" with them, enjoying playing, and most importantly, being able to breathe on your own. Love ya, girl!

Cindy Coffin-Myers

January 30, 2018

You are one strong woman...I have watched you from a youngin on up and you fight the fight through everything life throws your way...You got this and I will be cheering you on and sending all the positive mojo your way!!! Love ya kiddo...

Teri Lombard

January 30, 2018

You are very strong. I've always looked up to you. Love ya

Angel Minium

January 30, 2018

Mariah, you have always been one of my favorite people for the 30 years we have known each other. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are not only a fighter, but also a survivor. You have always gotten thru anything ever thrown your way, and I have no doubt you will again. I don't make much money myself right now, but you can count on me to donate as soon as I do have some. Keep fighting until you get that call. You are so strong. Love and prayers , love you !