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How to Get Discounts Through Help Hope Live

We know that families facing a medical crisis have enough financial worry on their plates already. Here’s something we bet you didn’t know about Help Hope Live: we offer exclusive discounts to our clients, partners, and supporters on a wide range of products and services!

You can sign up for free for our Help Hope Live discounts & deals program or download the app to get savings right on your phone. You’ll also find a link to our discounts page under the SHOP menu on our homepage.

You’ll be asked to enter a Registration Code.  Enter HHLclient (if you are a client or team member) or HHLfriend.

Deals will be personalized to your city or zip code for a wide range of brands from Disney to Uber, Dell, Ford, Graze, Hulu, and beyond. Whether it enables you to plan a special family trip or simply save a few dollars on essentials, we hope these discounts and deals make your life a little brighter.

Written by Emily Progin