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Your 2019 Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Giving Tuesday is the single largest charity giving day of the year! This year, Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

On Giving Tuesday, donors give 4x more to Help Hope Live than on any other day of the year. You can take simple steps to maximize the donations made to Help Hope Live in your honor with our toolkit. For additional support, just reach out to your Help Hope Live Client Services Coordinator.

We’ll Cover the Credit Card Fee for all Online Donations

Between 12 a.m. ET on Tuesday, December 3 and 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday, December 4, Help Hope Live will cover the credit card fee for all online donations made in honor of any Help Hope Live client.

This special #tealdeal means your supporters can make an even greater impact with every donation. Spread the word about why GivingTuesday is such a special day for the Help Hope Live community!

Social Media Graphics and a Custom Frame

We’ve created Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram-ready Giving Tuesday graphics plus a Facebook Frame for your Facebook Profile Picture. You can also request a custom cover image by emailing or calling your Coordinator!

Email your Coordinator to get a custom cover image like this one! We’ll customize it with a Help Hope Live client’s name and picture.

About Our 2019 #GivingTuesday Hashtags

Here’s a quick guide to our 2019 GivingTuesday hashtags.

#GivingTuesday: This is the global day of giving’s official hashtag on all social platforms.

#tealdeal: Our “teal deal” is our promise to cover all credit card fees for #GivingTuesday donations in honor of clients, delivering more impact from all online donations.

#forcedtofundraise: You’ve probably seen us use this hashtag before on social! We believe that no one chooses to be overwhelmed by the financial side of a medical crisis—they are #forcedtofundraise, whether to cover critical injury-related rehabilitation or an immunosuppressant medication post-transplant. You can explain why you were #forcedtofundraise as part of your social media story.

#oneofthousands: You aren’t alone in facing major medical costs: you are #oneofthousands of patients across the country. This hashtag reminds all of us that even separated by geography and medical condition, we are all united, thousands strong, in reaching out to our loving communities for help during some of the most challenging moments of our lives. Fundraising should never be a source of shame. Tell the world that you are #oneofthousands!

Refresh Your Campaign Page

Here’s your must-do checklist to make sure your Help Hope Live Campaign Page is ready for #GivingTuesday:

  1. Update your About Me story to reflect any major changes with your health or fundraising needs
  2. Add a recent photo to your Campaign Picture or create a new Album (or both)
  3. Post an Update. Not sure where to start? Talk about 3 things that have happened since your last Update, or simply express your gratitude by explaining what donations have helped you to accomplish.

Spread the Word

We will share a sample Facebook post and Tweet to get you started next week. Be sure to follow us on social media @helphopeliveorg for all the latest GivingTuesday tools and tips from Help Hope Live.

Don’t forget to tag us @helphopeliveorg and use our recommended hashtags to increase the visibility of your campaign: #GivingTuesday #forcedtofundraise #oneofthousands #tealdeal

You will want to promote #GivingTuesday on social media several times leading up to the big day. Here is a suggested timeline:

  • November 13: Your first “save the date” post
  • November 15: A more detailed post about our #tealdeal and how others can help you meet your needs on #GivingTuesday
  • November 19: A “reminder” post with the date
  • November 23: Send an email to friends who aren’t very active on social media
  • November 26: One-week countdown! Post 5 things that #GivingTuesday donations to Help Hope Live in your honor will help you accomplish (keep in mind: video or photo posts receive the most attention on social media!)
  • November 29: Start your Facebook Fundraiser for Help Hope Live – make sure to approve the Fundraiser with your Coordinator to assure you have the appropriate language and settings for us to track donations in your honor
  • November 30: Update your Facebook Profile picture with the custom frame you requested from Help Hope Live
  • December 1: The nuts and bolts! Explain how people can donate or show their support on GivingTuesday: by making a donation at or via a Facebook Fundraiser; starting their own Facebook Fundraiser for Help Hope Live; writing a check made payable to Help Hope Live with the client’s name in the memo section; or by calling Help Hope Live to donate by phone.
  • December 3: “It’s here!” Remind everyone to donate throughout the day. DM friends who you know will be interested in giving.
  • December 4: Post a quick “thank you” message to all who donated, shared, or helped you fundraise.

Facebook Matches Donations

Facebook will match all donations made to any charity Facebook Fundraiser (up to $7 million) starting at 8 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 3.

A few quick tips:

  • You can start a Facebook Fundraiser at any time and still be eligible for this match opportunity. The match will only apply to donations made to the Fundraiser after 8 a.m. on Tuesday, December 3.
  • Funds will be matched automatically while they last up to $7 million. Typically, this kind of match depletes its funding within minutes, so ensure your supporters are ready to donate at 8 a.m. EST on the dot.
  • The match may take up to 75 days to apply.
  • You will receive an email directly from Facebook to indicate that your Fundraiser received a match. This email will not come from Help Hope Live, nor will Help Hope Live receive such a notification.
  • Help Hope Live has no control over the match. Please direct your questions to Facebook, as our staff does not have any information beyond what Facebook has publicly released.

Please consult the FAQ below for more match details, including caps per donor and per Fundraiser.

Creating a Facebook Fundraiser

You can create a Facebook Fundraiser for Help Hope Live for #GivingTuesday following these simple directions.

If you’ve created a Facebook Fundraiser before, here is a quick refresher:

  • Create a Nonprofit fundraiser (NOT a “Personal Cause” fundraiser)
  • Select Help Hope Live as the nonprofit
  • Add In Honor of Your Name (or the Help Hope Live client’s name) to the title and description

The rest of the details, such as duration and goal, are up to you. It’s that simple!

Employer Matching

Keep in mind that because you’re fundraising for a nonprofit, your supporters have the opportunity to double or even triple their donations through employer matching gifts! We make it easy for you and your supporters to find these matching gift opportunities with a dynamic search tool here on our website.

#GivingTuesday represents a great chance to talk to your own employer or encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to ask their own about matching opportunities. Share the link with your supporters:

A Day Tue Give!

Don’t need help with your medical costs right now? Consider giving back during this special holiday:

Each gift is backed by our 4-star Charity Navigator rating—and every #GivingTuesday donation, like, review, share, and message makes a true difference. Thank you!

Written by Emily Progin