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Injury Milestones This Winter!

During a freak mid-air collision, lifelong gymnast Andy Kaufman sustained a spinal cord injury which paralyzed him from the neck down. This winter, Andy smashed through his initial fundraising goal with Help Hope Live!

Funds raised have helped Andy’s community to completely rehabilitate his home to make it accessible and comfortable for him.

Cole Sydnor, injured at 16, has launched an ambitious and hope-fueled quest to cure spinal cord injuries with the help of an advanced network of partnerships with medical professionals, specialists, and supporters. Follow his journey on Facebook!

One year post-spinal cord injury, Chris Arbini is getting back in touch with some of his pre-injury passions, including art.

The past year and change has without a doubt been the hardest time in my life…I’ve had to get “creative” so to speak and find a new outlet for my energy. When I am doing art, all is right with the world. It brings me joy to create and share my art.