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Summer 2018 Injury and Illness Milestones

Launching My Career!

“Ryan is currently fulfilling his dream of being a paid musician.”

Ryan DiGiovanni was just 18 when a car accident left him with a complete T10 spinal cord injury with no movement or control below his belly button.

Physical therapy with Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Center helped Ryan go from a 1% chance of standing to over 50%. This month, he hit another fantastic milestone: he launched his career as a paid musician performing at local assisted living communities. He performs several times per month.

“He feels he can inspire and relate to the residents there,” said Carly Jones, his fiancĂ©e, “and he does.”

A Big Birthday!

“We have felt the weight of every single day…we have also felt the love, the support, and the connections to so many magnificent people.”

Five years after a lightning strike forever altered Ethan and his family’s lives in an instant, Ethan is celebrating his 18th birthday with a smile. Updates come to us from Instagram @jointeamethan.

Two Years, New Hope

“Two years ago, I thought the Lord was going to take my best friend from me.”

Seth Green became paralyzed from the chest down two years ago. Now 29, Seth’s wife, Cassidy, posted a heartfelt acknowledgement of their painful but life-affirming journey:

“My plan was to raise our family together and grow old and grumpy together. Lord, thank you for allowing him to stay with me. This hasn’t been an easy road at all, but life is so much more amazing having him here with me to share every life experience. Here’s to many more years!”

Seth found meaning in his two-year accident anniversary, too: “Everything I do now is much slower, which if you know me, you know it bothers me. Behind every curse is a blessing. God has blessed me with good quality time with the two finest young men I know[…my sons].”

Two HUGE Mobility Upgrades!

“The standing chair is a game changer for him, giving him access to so many things that were quietly out-of-reach.”

Bill Stefansic has two big mobility breakthroughs to celebrate: through fundraising, he has been able to secure not only an accessible van but also a standing wheelchair!