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We Shouldn’t Exist. But We Have To.

Help Hope Live's 35th Anniversary

Here’s the truth: we wish our nonprofit didn’t exist.

We wish when someone needed medical care, it was covered by their insurance—every cost, every time, for a lifetime. We wish no one would ever have to choose between life-sustaining medications and mortgage payments. We wish exceptional physical therapy wasn’t considered “optional” when it could mean the difference between simply surviving or thriving.

Because of the debilitating burden medical costs create for the average family facing a medical crisis, Help Hope Live has to exist—and today marks 35 years since we began providing fundraising support to thousands of individuals who desperately need it.

We were founded in 1983 by a heart transplant surgeon and his wife, a nurse, when they realized their patients wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of a then-experimental procedure without help. They knew their Philadelphia community would rally to help fund out-of-pocket medical needs with a little bit of grassroots fundraising support.

They were right—and 35 years later, communities in all 50 states are still coming together, day after day, to deliver medical care and hope to families in crisis.

We’ve profiled 35 exceptional stories in our #LifeIsFragile series, shared here on our Blog and across social media. Our 35th anniversary Bubble Break campaign has rallied hundreds of celebrities, friends, followers, clients, and medical professionals to show the world they believe that even though #LifeIsFragile, hope and community support can make all the difference.

As long as families need a helping hand to bring together their communities for fundraising in a time of need, we will be here for them, offering a friendly voice on the phone and fundraising strategies that help sustain critical care.

Thank you for celebrating 35 years with us. Unfortunately, the need for medical fundraising help hasn’t disappeared, but neither has our commitment to making sure medical care is within reach for every single family in crisis.

Support our #35Years by making a donation in honor of our 35th birthday today.

PS: Notice our logos turned from teal to coral on social on September 30? Coral is the material traditionally associated with 35th anniversaries!

Written by Emily Progin