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Kelly L Green

Executive Director

Marie O'Rourke

Marie O’Rourke

Director of Finance

Shannon Shensky

Director of Communications

Kelly Bertolette

Development Manager

Bill Lawson

Chief Technology Officer

Jen Spottiswoode

Client Services Manager

Eddy Morales

Client Services Manager

Melanie Johnson

Client Services Coordinator

Eileen Kaelin-Jackson

Client Services Coordinator

Debbi Schwartz

Client Support Representative

Emily Progin

PR and Social Media Coordinator

Cathy Letcher

E-Communications Coordinator

Sonny Mullen

Financial Outreach Coordinator

Frank Mansfield

Accounts Payable & Financial Assistant

Terri Carlson

Accounts Payable/HR/Payroll Specialist

Scott Jones

Development Specialist, Gaming

James F. Madden

Board Chair

Ron Siggs

Board Vice Chair

James Kelley

Board Secretary

Eric Erickson

Board Treasurer

Wendi Barish

Board Member

Michael Criscuolo

Board Member

Margaret Freeman

Board Member

Christine V. Kanter

Board Member

Rebecca Levenberg

Board Member

Stephanie McAlaine

Board Member

Heather K. Moore

Board Member

Liam Murray

Board Member

Pinank Parikh

Board Member

Nick Ryder, CFA

Board Member