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Kelly L Green

Executive Director

David Cahill

Director of Finance

Shannon Shensky

Director of Communications

Brooke Schostak

Director of Development

Sonny Mullen

Director of Outreach

Ashley McLaughlin

Director of Client Services

Dominic DeJesus

IT Project Manager

Melanie Johnson

PR & Client Services Coordinator

Jen Smilg

Client Services Coordinator

Stacia Moak

Client Services Coordinator

Laura Jefferson

Finance Coordinator

Beth Johnston

Financial Assistant

Frank Mansfield

Staff Accountant - Community Giving

Terri Carlson

Staff Accountant - Accounts Payable/HR & Payroll Specialist

Emily Progin

PR and Communications Coordinator

Cathy Letcher

E-Communications Coordinator

Kev Nichols

Digital Media Coordinator

Kate Lacouture

Outreach Representative

Kate Beach

Development Specialist


Ron Siggs

Board Chair

Liam Murray

Board Vice Chair

Eric Erickson

Board Treasurer

Kaushika Kansara

Board Secretary

Janet L. Gold, Esq.

Board Assistant Secretary

Lauren Enlow, MPA

Board Member

Christine V. Kanter

Board Member

Langston Laury, Jr.

Board Member

James F. Madden

Board Member

Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake

Board Member

Stephanie McAlaine

Board Member

Taryn McCarty

Board Member

Jeff Merschel

Board Member

Brian Messner

Board Member

Alex Reed Pickel

Board Member

David Ruff

Board Member

Nick Ryder, CFA

Board Member

Lynne Coughlin Samson

Board Member


Bill Soloway

Transplant Ambassador (Pennsylvania)

Katrina Golden

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (North Carolina)

Josh and Laura Sarchet

Transplant Ambassadors (New York)

Kristen Sachs

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (Nevada)

Joanna McCray

Transplant Ambassador (South Carolina)

Liz Casperite

Transplant Ambassador (Pennsylvania)

Dani Izzie

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (Virginia)

Pat McEntee

Transplant Ambassador (Ohio)

Lauren Shevcheck

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (Pennsylvania)

Rachelle Ledbetter

Transplant Ambassador (California)

Linda Jara

Transplant Ambassador (Pennsylvania)

Melissa Tuff

Transplant Ambassador (Florida)

Dylan Mortimer

Transplant Ambassador (Kansas)

Dianne Vitkus

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (New York)

David and Sharon Talkington

Rare Disease Ambassadors (Ohio)

Liahni Chandler

Transplant Ambassador (Utah)

Jerry Cahill

Brand Ambassador (New York)

Ian Burkhart

Spinal Cord Injury Ambassador (Ohio)

Greg Wright

Transplant Ambassador (Pennsylvania)