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How Fundraising Works

How does nonprofit fundraising work?
What kind of support can Help Hope Live provide?
What makes Help Hope Live different from crowdfunding (for-profit) sites like GoFundMe?
Does Help Hope Live take a fee?

Our Policies

How does money get disbursed?
Are donations tax deductible?
Is there a minimum annual contribution required for each fundraising campaign?
Can I do online fundraising with Help Hope Live?
Will fundraising with Help Hope Live jeopardize my state medical benefits?
Is my campaign eligible for grants?

Starting a Campaign

How much money do people usually raise with Help Hope Live?
Is it too early to start fundraising?
Can you work with a client who does not have insurance?
Can we start a campaign for an organ or tissue donor?
Can I fundraise for an overseas transplant?

Requesting Funds & Disbursement

How do I request funds from Help Hope Live?
When can a Help Hope Live client begin to request funds?
Which expenses does Help Hope Live pay for transplant?
Which expenses does Help Hope Live pay for catastrophic injury or illness?
Can I submit an unpaid bill or invoice so I don't have to cover an upfront cost?
How long do funds raised remain available?


Does Help Hope Live accept foundation, trust, donor-advised fund, and employer-matching gifts in honor of clients?
Can I make an anonymous donation?
Is there a guarantee that a client will receive all the funds raised on their behalf?
Do you provide tax-deductible receipts to donors?
What percentage of funds raised through Help Hope Live directly benefits clients?
Is there a minimum amount for donations to a Help Hope Live campaign?

Campaign Basics

Where do I find my login information?
I would like to request customized materials!
Can I use my own flyer instead of a flyer Help Hope Live creates for me?
How can I contact Help Hope Live?