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5 Ways to Reset Your Fundraising Perspective

5 ways to relax and reset your fundraiser perspective.

Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking with TBI survivor and Minding Your Brain host Candace Gantt. Here are 5 fundraising pearls of wisdom shared in the video by Sonny, our Outreach Manager.

Tip 1: Start with You

What are your hobbies? What do you love to do? Use your own passions as your starting point for a fundraiser. Your biggest fundraising successes will come from something that you already know and love.

Fundraising is all about creativity. How about a calendar featuring your service dog? A nerdy movie marathon? Start with the heart and let your passions and your creativity lead the way.

Tip 2: It Won’t Always Come Naturally - and That's Okay

It’s okay if fundraising feels like a big challenge. Fundraising is not easy, and managing a campaign can start to feel like a full-time job. These feelings are normal. If fundraiser ideas just aren’t coming together this week, or if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of posting on social media even once, give yourself permission to take a break before you get back to the grind.

Not every fundraiser or fundraising idea is going to be an overwhelming success. Some ideas work, and some don’t. Embrace trial and error, but keep track of what works well and what doesn’t so that you can build from there.

No matter what, KEEP GOING, and remember that you are not alone.

Tip 3: Take a Leap

As Sonny reminds us, your Campaign Page is customizable. If you tend to post text Updates, why not try something completely different?

Convert your Campaign Page into an easy video blog (or vlog)! Start by making a short selfie video about how you’re feeling today. Challenge yourself to make the video just one minute long at maximum. Upload it to YouTube, then add the video link to your Campaign Page as an Update.

Just like that, you’ve launched a vlog! Commit to adding a new video once per day or per week. Now your supporters have a new way to get insights into your journey, including how fundraising is making a difference.

Tip 4: When in Doubt, Say Thank You

Supporters love to feel that they are a meaningful and impactful part of your story. If you’re not sure how to communicate about your campaign right now, start by saying thank you.

Create a social media post or email blast that focuses on just one simple thing: thanking everyone who has EVER donated to your campaign or shared it with others.

Can you remember a time when a donation or a kind comment really made your day? Can you share a story about a particular need that you were able to meet thanks to donations?

Paint a picture for your supporters. Even if they have already donated once or twice (or more), a heartfelt story can bring them back into the fold and draw them closer to the critical cause behind your campaign.

Tip 5: Give Yourself Permission to Need Help

Asking for help can be a blow to your pride. Fundraising may lead to complicated feelings about your needs and your independence.

As Sonny reminds us, when you ask for assistance, you are doing more than begging for help. You are giving someone else the opportunity to make a difference. You can fully embrace this fact when you take the time to gently reset your mindset.

Imagine you were asking your community to support a completely different cause—for example, a charity coat drive in your town. How would you ask for help?

You might get specific (I need five coats to meet my goal) or appeal to their emotions (someone in our town is cold right now, but we can help). See if you can be just as specific and colorful with your language when you reach out to share your fundraising campaign.

People like to do what they are good at. Sometimes, it’s easiest to ask someone you know to help with ONE particular task. Be sure to let them know that you chose them because it’s an area in which they shine!

Your Trail Guide is Here!

Fundraising is a journey, not a destination—so don’t forget about your trail guide! Your Help Hope Live Client Services Coordinator can work with you to help you form a stronger fundraising strategy. Back up your plans with customized flyers, social media assistance, press outreach help, and more.

Get in touch with your Coordinator today. Ask questions, get feedback, and form a fresh fundraising plan as your journey continues to unfold.

Written by Emily Progin