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A Boston company’s all-terrain wheelchairs help athletes find a whole new range of motion

Dianne Vitkus

“This chair will allow me to expand where I can go, which is something I’m learning is a real privilege. And it shouldn’t be.”

Athletic and active 28-year-old Dianne Vitkus was devastated when she considered the prospect of never hiking or running again after her spinal cord injury. A special piece of adaptive equipment – the GRIT Freedom Chair – will get her back into the action again.

Dianne points out her gratitude for the device’s capabilities, but also brings up a critical point: these kinds of mobility aids shouldn’t be must-purchase additions for someone with a spinal cord injury or other mobility-impacting disability to re-integrate into an active and accessible life they love. An accessible and inclusive world should bring individuals of disabilities of all ages into the picture and break common misconceptions about limitations and identity.

“The more people see that disabled people are doing what everyone else can do, and pushing themselves on strenuous activities and sports, the more they see how strong the disabled community can be.”

Written by Emily Progin