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Five minutes with… Alanna Flax-Clark

Alanna Flax-Clark

“There’s no doubt that the horses in my life have changed me emotionally and physically.”

Alanna Flax-Clark has spent 17 years advocating for diversity and inclusion. As she adjusted to life with paralysis following a childhood virus, Alanna was introduced to equine assisted therapy. She would go on to become a national champion in para-equestrian competition.

Four things we learned from Alanna in a recent interview:

  • Greater accessibility benefits not just people with disabilities but other members of the public, too, from parents with strollers to professionals wheeling luggage to joggers.
  • The pandemic’s shift to remote work helped to underscore the potential for professionals with disabilities to be productive from home, opening new doors and reducing stress.
  • Horse riding has improved multiple areas of Alanna’s life, including strength, balance, focus, self-confidence, self-advocacy, participation, and self-sufficiency.
  • Alanna’s core event of para-equestrian dressage is accessible to everyone and can create special connections for participants: horses are forgiving and accepting, and they are creative communicators, all of which contributes to a highly unique bond and experience.

“There is no challenge that’s too hard to overcome. As long as you put in the work, anything is possible.”

Written by Emily Progin