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The 15 Best Medical Fundraising Tips Of 2015

Feel like you’re in a fundraising slump? Here are 15 tips from our fundraising experts that will help you start 2016 on the right foot. Find additional fundraising tips from HelpHOPELive on Facebook and on Twitter every #TipTuesday!

1. Add a picture when you share your HelpHOPELive Campaign Page on social media! On Facebook, posts with pictures cause users to take action 87% of the time! A link posted without a picture only receives engagement 4% of the time.

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2. Fundraising doesn’t have to end once you reach a certain milestone or receive specific care. Continue fundraising to help offset a lifetime of uninsured medical and related expenses.

3. Ask your friends and family members what they are best at. That way, you can request their help with fundraising projects that involve their skills or interests. Your best friend may be far better at approaching local businesses than designing homemade thank-you cards.

4. Thank the friends and volunteers who made your fundraiser successful with personalized Exceptional Service Awards from HelpHOPELive! Everyone appreciates acknowledgement and a sincere thank-you.

5. When you’re reaching out to potential donors, help them crunch the numbers. Tell them how much a particular item or procedure will cost so they can see the tangible impact of their donations. You can find a list of average expenses on your HelpHOPELive Campaign Dashboard.

6. Make a support video for someone you love who is struggling with a medical condition. Feature encouraging messages from friends, family members or co-workers. This small gesture can have a huge impact. Check out this example video for ideas.

HelpHOPELive support video

7. Start contacting local news outlets as soon as you have a date for your fundraiser. Plan to follow up two weeks before the event. Ask your HelpHOPELive Fundraising Coordinator if you need help creating a press release.

8. Create a bumper sticker or car magnet so you can draw attention to your HelpHOPELive campaign wherever you go! We can help you design a memorable logo and create a shortened link to include on your materials.

9. Personalize your HelpHOPELive Campaign Page with pictures of you, your family, your pets, your passions and your recent fundraisers! Show supporters how donations and participation have impacted your life.

10. When you’re helping a friend or family member to fundraise, give what you can, whether it’s your time, your dollars or your networking skills. Remember that emotional support can be as important as financial support.

11. Fundraising events should fit your community. From dogsled rides to special concerts and tournaments, we can help you figure out which fundraisers will work best in your region.

12. Think beyond your city and state. You can enlist friends and family members who live anywhere in the country. Encourage anyone who may be willing to help you with fundraising to reach out to HelpHOPELive for support. No experience necessary!

13. Enlist the tech-savvy teens in your life to help you promote your HelpHOPELive Campaign on social media. Teens spend about 9 hours per day with the media, including platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Put these statistics to work for you!

14. Not all fundraisers have to be galas or events. How about a community project, like building an accessible home for a family coping with a spinal cord injury? Here’s an example from our client Andy Barlow.

Andy Barlow HelpHOPELive home renovation

15. You might be able to secure a free venue for your next fundraiser. Talk to a family member who belongs to a community organization like the Knights of Columbus or a Moose Lodge. If your children attend a school with a gym or auditorium, get in touch with school administrators to ask about using the space. See if your place of worship has an auditorium or large meeting space that may suit your needs.

Looking for more medical fundraising ideas? Reach out to your HelpHOPELive Fundraising Coordinator for support and follow our Blog for additional insights.

Written by Help Hope Live