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On the evening of Sunday, November 8, 2015, Patrick Harrington was in a serious skateboarding accident, causing swelling and bleeding in his brain. He was rushed to the hospital and has been in the neuro ICU undergoing neurological testing and treatment since then. The road to recovery will be long and difficult on Patrick and his family both emotionally and financially.

Patrick is a witty, loyal, caring, loving, and genuine son, brother, and friend, and he need your help to recover from this trauma. The funds will be used to cover medical bills from his ongoing treatment in the hospital, rehabilitation facility, and ongoing therapy he will receive.

Updates (1)

November 16, 2015

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts! Patrick has been moved from “Critical” to “Stable” in the ICU, and doctors have determined him stable enough to not need a tracheotomy after all. He is responding to verbal cues, can open his eyes, and has squeezed Patty and Bruce’s hands. He is still in a medically induced coma and is healing and resting. Please continue to pray for him!!