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In June of 2015, my niece, Dana Harris was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. A bone marrow transplant is her best hope for a return to good health. Dana has begun the preparations for the transplant and is fortunate that her brother Mark is a match and can be her donor.

Dana graduated in 2011 and worked as a lead teacher/ teachers assistant in a daycare center for four years. She also worked as a sales person. However, she has not been able to work since her diagnosis and it is uncertain when she will be able to return to work. Dana’s transplant journey begins with admission to University of Maryland, chemotherapy to completely wipe out her old immune system followed by transplant. Recovery from transplant is a long process, perhaps as much as a year. With recovery, Dana would like to pursue her education in nursing.


January 12, 2016

You will make a full recovery
Love you darling May God continue to bless you.


January 6, 2016

To God be the Glory,there is nothing to be afraid of Girl you're already healed by His Grace and Mercy and the power of his holy spirit. Lil Sis hold your head up babygirl don't cry I'm happy for you, God is giving you another chance in life to put Him first before anybody. Jus like it says in (Psalms 6:2) "Have mercy upon me, O LORD; for I am weak;O LORD,heal me;for my bones are vexed. I'll keep you in my prayers because you are already Healed

Big Sis, Dayshelle Harris

January 6, 2016

By he stripes you are healed.....Remember to trust God always he said "He Would never leave us or forsake us". He has this under control nothing happens if not part of his plan. Wishing you a speedy recovery and May the Lord above bless you and your family during this time. During this time you because to keep your eyes stayed on him even when it seems to hard to do.

LaShawn James (PGCPS)