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Dear Friends, Family and Community

My wife, Laura Oxford suffers from interstitial lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis. She is on oxygen 24/7 and her doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have told us that her only option is a life-saving lung transplant.

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January 30, 2017

Well 2017 has began for Larry and I. We did go for our follow up appointment in Cleveland. The appointment went very well for me. The Lung transplant team, social worker, pulmonologist was very please with all of my hard work. Evidently it is benefiting me a great deal. The CT scans and X-rays showed there is no further progression, and with the pulmonary rehab that I am doing it is all proving it is helping me to strengthen my lungs.

We were told at this time I am on an even plateau to the good. Continue doing what I am doing and going to pulmonary rehab, and we will see you in the new year.

Trying to get Larry back on his feet since Dec. 2016 , Larry was hospitalized with acute Kidney Failure. He is finally back home in January 2017, and having to do dialysis 3 times weekly. With out our dear friends and church family and immediate family I would be useless.

So please pray that my strength and good health continues in the new year , and my hubby's health to return to normal .

August 22, 2016

Larry and I would like to thank Shirley Hapner for her generous gift of money we received from her at the closing of our new home.

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April 6, 2016

That's wonderful Laura. Hope it keeps growing.

MaryAnn Dupuis

March 16, 2016

I hope the Papa Johns fund drive was a success! I follow you on Twitter and shared your tweets #PrayingForLaura


January 13, 2016

Laura, Praying for your strength and a quick and positive result. God bless you and your physicians!

Kim Orsini