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Help Renee say goodbye to Multiple Sclerosis.

Renee has been bravely battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1988; but now is only getting worse. MS is a progressively debilitating neuro-muscular disease without a cure. Renee has gone from being a healthy, active woman who was self-reliant, independent and enjoyed helping others, to physically struggling to get through everyday tasks such as: walking, maintaining her balance, getting dressed, going shopping, physical therapy or other outside the home appointments. Renee’s only option at stopping this progressive disease is to have a stem cell transplant.

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May 24, 2020

Never give in, give up...but, when you are about too, call me.

Wendell Wood

March 3, 2020

Never give in...Never give up. You are loved!

Wendell Wood

February 13, 2020

Keep Fighting Never Give up

Wendell Wood

January 27, 2020

Always Renee---in your corner...looking for that day you get treatment for this terribly disease.

Wendell Wood

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