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Teresa Dennison, a wife, a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 4, is in need of a liver transplant and needs the help of her community to make it happen. Not only are transplants life saving, they are very expensive. There will be many medical expenses not covered insurance: co-pays, anti-rejection medications, travel expenses from 3 hours away and more. All of these expenses are adding up to more then her family can pay.

14 years ago Teresa was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Unable to pay for the medicine to cure this disease, she now is needing a new liver. After taking care of her ailing father, who passed this last summer, her disease became worse quickly and she had to stop working, driving and being active. She is now completely dependent on family and friends to eat, dress, travel to doctor’s appointments, etc.

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July 19, 2016

Teresa received a new liver in February 2016 at the University of Kansas Hospital. She had a complication and had to stay in Kansas City for 5 weeks recovering. She is now doing very well and regaining her strength.

February 3, 2016

At a routine doctors appointment last week, a spot on her liver was diagnosed as cancer. Some of her numbers where way off and her kidneys were not functioning as well as they should be to release body fluids. Her specialist decided to leave the cancer alone in hopes she will have a liver real soon. Her family is very happy to report Teresa is now home from a week in the hospital. She is feeling much better now and happy to be home.

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