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Pastor Sean is in need of a kidney transplant and we need the help of our family, friends, and community to make it happen. 19 years ago Sean’s life changed when he was diagnosed with diabetes. This disease not only effects the blood sugars and pancreas in the body, but over a period of time it destroys other organs too. The diabetes led to Sean being diagnosed with Renal (Kidney) Failure along with a variety of other health issues.

Sean has always worked in the construction field and as a Pastor for over 25 years. Once he was diagnosed with the Kidney Failure his ability to perform everyday tasks at work started to become more and more difficult. Sean is no longer able to hold down a full-time job due to his health and is only able to do side jobs here and there when he feels well enough to do so. Though nothing, not even sickness has taken away his joy and love of being a pastor, ministering, and helping others. Sean is now completely dependent on dialysis, which he undergoes at home for over 9 ½ hours every single night and weekly visits to his dialysis center and Doctor located 2 hours away. His only chance to return to good health, besides the Lord healing him, is a kidney transplant.

Updates (2)

March 17, 2017

Current update on Sean. In December Sean had 3 heart stent placed in his heart. This dramatically helped with his blood pressure since it had started skyrocketing during the hemo dialysis and we didn’t know why. It came down to two major blockages (95%) in the upper left of his heart and another blockage in the lower right (85%). Due to the stents placed in his heart the cardiologist placed him on blood thinners. No sooner then a week after the stents were placed we received a call from the hospital that they had a kidney for Sean! Needless to say our first reaction was excitement. However, we were unable to accept the kidney due to Sean currently taking blood thinners. Talk about disappointing. Waiting for several years and then not able to accept the kidney. Sean and I both felt that this kidney must not have been the one for him though. I was meant for someone else. So what does all this mean now? Sean is currently on a hold list for his kidney till released of his blood thinners. The cardiologist has been very happy with the results that Sean has been showing and is hoping to release him mid May/early June of this year. We are also in the process of having two members of the family tested to donate either through direct donation or pairing. This is a long and tedious process (please keep this in prayer, we all want to pull our hair out regrading this). This way once Sean has been released from the thinners we can line up his transplant surgeries. More good news is that Sean’s blood results continue to remain steady in the positive areas that the dr like to see. Please keep him in prayer for the following: increase in appetite and strength, calcium and protein levels increase in his body. Thank you all once again for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial blessings.

October 23, 2016

As many of you know Sean is now on the Hemo Dialisys. This has been a good thing in many ways even though it is another step in the wrong direction. Sean’s blood work has been coming back with some of the best results that he has had in a long time and the swelling in his feet and legs are pretty much gone. Plus, No more cramping!!! That alone is a huge blessing! We are still working on getting Sean’s blood work where it needs to be, but each week it gets better. Please keep Sean in prayer for his blood pressure. Every time he does a dialysis treatment his blood pressure soars through the roof to unsafe levels.


October 25, 2016

Prayers for the Brockway family. God has big plans for you guys.

Dave, Kristin, Caden and Cassidy

October 23, 2016

God's got this! I truly believe you will receive a kidney and be healed. I love you brother and will do whatever I can to help you.

Sara Mello

October 23, 2016

Love and miss you guys. So much love and prayers for all of you. I will try and road much as I can

Krissi ( Kat)