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Brent Pack, a 48 year old father of five and grandfather of nine, is in need of a kidney and pancreas transplant. Brent is one of the kindest people you could ever meet and he needs our help.

Brent grew up in Glenwood, West Virginia and graduated from Milton High School and was an active member of his community. He was a Junior Volunteer Firefighter with the Ohio River Road Fire Department and stayed with them for 9 years, by the time he left the department he was a lieutenant.

Updates (1)

April 11, 2016

The multifamily Garage sale Saturday went great!!! We raised just over $500.00, even with the snowy weather we still had a great turnout!!! Thanks to everybody that showed up and participated!!!!


July 15, 2016

Brent shows a great deal of motivation for this transplant and has certainly proven that he is a resilient man. He has tremendous support from his wife & children. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Beth

Beth Piotrowicz, LISW-S, CCTSW Cleveland Clinic Transplant