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Eliza Tyler has been living with type-1 insulin dependent diabetes since the young age of nine. Over the course of her lifetime, she has witnessed great progress with treatments, medications, technology and advances in diabetes research. The insulin pump, glucometer and even islet-cell transplants have helped many diabetics live a better quality and longer life. Unfortunately, even with these advancements, Eliza continues to face medical complications and difficulties in managing and controlling her own symptoms. Nerve pain, vision problems, fatigue, gastroparesis and the inability to maintain stable blood sugars are only a few of her daily obstacles. Eliza was diagnosed as a “brittle diabetic”, the most severe and difficult form of diabetes to treat. At one time, her condition became so uncontrollable that her doctors told her to “put your affairs in order”. Severe complications, with fluctuating blood sugar levels became so dangerous that Eliza was left with little hope.

Eliza’s situation was grave, but she remained hopeful and refused to give up! Her daughter and young grandson were and are her inspiration, and Eliza wasn’t ready to let go. It was then she learned of a promising treatment, known as non-embryonic stem cell therapy that has had proven and measurable results for diabetic patients. Eliza researched more into this therapy and underwent medical screening to qualify. She worked hard to raise money and received donations to undergo her first stem cell treatment in 2010. After the initial treatments at StemGenex, Eliza’s symptoms started to decline, and her condition dramatically improved. Most important, Eliza’s blood sugar levels were becoming manageable and more stable than ever. Her energy level improved, and her neuropathy began to fade.

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May 21, 2017

To touch base, and update. I've been fighting since January will illness and severe allergy induced asthma. My goal is to move forward quickly so that I may reach a goal to undergo another adipose derived stem cell treatment. Thank you, in advance to all who could and have contributed.

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November 12, 2017

Eliza, you are in my thoughts and prayers always. Lost touch with you and took a chance today. I typed your name in on Google and found this page. Praying somehow we can get in touch again.
Love you Pretty Lady


March 1, 2017

I am hoping you would be so kind as to call me about your experience. I am also Type 1 for 43 years with several complications. I have a few questions. Pls call 515-556-4714

Shelley Nurse