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At the young age of 24, Fabrizio Barbara should be living an active life, advancing in his career, and attending social outings with his friends. Like any 24 year-old, he has things he would like to accomplish, like contribute to society, hold down a full time job and even start a family. Instead, Fabrizio is recovering in the hospital from a lifesaving kidney transplant. He was born with a congenital form of chronic kidney disease, causing both of his kidneys and bladder to malfunction. A blockage of scar tissue in his posterior urethral valve caused his kidneys and bladder to poorly develop, eventually causing them to fail. During his childhood, Fabrizio experienced many serious complications, like bulging around his abdomen, high fevers, constant infections, and problems with urination. He spent much of his childhood attending medical appointments, and undergoing various procedures. Initially, Fabrizio’s physicians attempted to save his kidneys, however as years passed through his childhood and into his teenage years, his kidneys deteriorated and he eventually faced end-stage-renal-disease. Time consuming and rigorous dialysis treatments were eventually his way of life, and for the past two years Fabrizio has been waiting for a kidney transplant.

Fabrizio’s team of physicians advised him that without new kidneys, he would need continued dialysis; but this was only temporary. After extensive medical testing, Fabrizio was placed on the active transplant list at University of Wisconsin Hospital. After many months of prayers and support from his family, Fabrizio received the telephone call that would save his life, and on January 30th, 2016 he received the gift of life, his kidney transplant. After over a week in the ICU, Fabrizio is still in the hospital and slowly regaining his strength and recovering day by day.

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August 29, 2016

Get well Fabrizio!

Jim (From swim team)