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Brian McCormick is a 56 year-old husband and father to two grown sons, now in college. After 16 years of bravely struggling with serious heart and kidney complications, Brian has been told by his physicians that he must now undergo a lifesaving heart and kidney transplant. Over the years, Brian’s heart failure required a mechanical valve, pacemaker and defibrillator. While needing surgery, extensive medical procedures and appointments, Brian never complained and even continued to work in his construction job. By 2014, Brian’s heart became so weak that it adversely affected his kidneys, and he went into complete renal failure. Brian is now too sick to consider working at his job, and he desperately needs your help!

Brian grew up and continues to live in Amelia, Ohio, close to his life-long friends, mother, brothers and sisters. He is very active and involved with church, and gives generously of his time. Brian has always coached his boys in sports, and worked as a stage curtain installer for over 20 years, even with ongoing and sometimes worsening health and heart problems. Brian eagerly looks forward to being able to one day return to work, and living an active and healthy life once again. Loved and respected by his family, faith community and friends, together Brian and his family are committed to seeing him through his upcoming transplant and supporting him through his recovery.

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April 19, 2017

On Wednesday, April 12 at 3:30 in the afternoon, Brian got the call! The hospital at the University of Kentucky had organs that were a match for Brian. He was in dialysis when they called and had to have that session stopped, so that we could rush to Lexington.

Brian went into surgery at 3:00 am on Thursday and after a 7 hour surgery he had a new heart. After resting for about 7 hours, he also received his new kidney!

We in the family are truly amazed and so profoundly grateful. Our prayers go out to our donor's family.

A week into it now, Brian has begun walking, with the help of 3 nurses. He will remain in the icu until he is physically able to go to the step-down unit where intense physical rehab will happen.

Now the bills begin to ramp up, also. Just the accommodations for Brian's family to be able to stay in Lexington during the surgery and recovery will be well over a thousand dollars. Then, Brian will have to rent an apartment to stay in Lexington so that he can go to their rehabilitation. Anti-rejection drugs have already started and will be required for the rest of his life. We hope to hold a benefit for him in the near future, but again, any contribution via HHL is greatly appreciated. Chris

April 14, 2017

After a 20 day stay at the University of Kentucky hospital, Brian was declined 1A status for transplant and was released on March 18 . He was sent home to remain on the 1B list. As disappointed as we all were, I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy to have him back home. He continued dialysis, even adding an extra day of it to try to keep more fluid off of him. Then, out of the blue on April 12 , Brian received a phone call from Donna the transplant coordinator, telling him they may have possible organs for him, depending on tissue​ match. At 2:40 am April 13 Brian received a life saving heart transplant, followed by a kidney transplant 9;30 that evening. Brian's vitals are good, but the kidney hasn't "woken​ up" yet. It's hard because they are trying to keep the fluid off the heart, while at the same time, keeping the kidney hydrated.. The doctors feel positive, this will change. As always, thank you for your continued, love, support and prayers. Love Linda and family.

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July 19, 2017

Wonderful news on the transplant! Prayers continue.

David and Cathy Jaehnen

April 19, 2017

So thrilled to hear Brian received the organs! Prayers being sent for his recovery.

Jan Thomas (Patricia McCormick's sister)

April 19, 2017

Sounds like a VERY BRAVE young man and a loving family for support. I know Chris went to school with Trish.I am so hoping and praying for your complete recovery. Enjoy each other every minute and continued prayers for your wonderful life together !!

Teri Alering Rosenacker