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Guadalupe is a Fighter.

Guadalupe Valencia, a 31 year-old loving wife and mother of three, desperately needs your help. In 2012, Guadalupe was diagnosed with a rare and serious autoimmune disorder known as Guillain-Barre (GB) syndrome. This condition is devastating, and causes the body’s immune system to attack the nervous system, leading to complete paralysis from the neck down. For some, GB can be reversed, but in many instances it leaves permanent damage. For six months, Guadalupe was bedridden and paralyzed; she had no movement from her neck down and required both a breathing tube and feeding tube. Her treatment consisted of powerful IVIG medications and extensive rehab and physical therapy. She has made great strides, but Guadalupe’s recovery has a long way to go. She still requires monthly infusions and mobility therapy, and experiences muscle pain and weakness, profound fatigue — just to name a few. As parts of her body and still weak and paralyzed, Guadalupe must continue with strong medications and therapies, and even re-learn how to walk and feed herself.