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Jeff Haslip, 29, is a husband, son, grandson, brother, friend, entrepreneur, student, and dialysis patient. He is in need of a kidney transplant and has been undergoing evaluation at the University of Utah hospital. Jeff was born with PUV, or Posterior Urethral Valves due to a blockage in his urethra and ureters developed in utero. He was very sick as a newborn, and rushed into surgery shortly after birth. The doctors did their best to remove the blockage, but ultimately a “Y” valve was fashioned to connect his kidneys to his bladder. Despite multiple surgeries, Jeff still had fluid backing up into his kidneys, causing organ damage and giving him frequent kidney infections and pain.

As the years went on his kidneys slowly deteriorated and at 18 years old, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Three years ago he started dialysis, which is keeping him alive. However, the three times per week treatments make him exhausted and diminished. We are hopeful that we will find a living donor, but so far have been unable to find a match. Jeff wants to live a long and healthy life, finish his BS in Biology, travel, and hopefully have children one day. A kidney transplant will make this possible for him.

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August 5, 2016

Update: Jeff is having surgery Monday. The doctor is going to drill small holes in his hips and knee joints to trigger blood flow to the area in an attempt for them to heal. On top of that he is going to take stem cells from Jeffs hip and inject it into the joints. Hopefully this will trigger his joints to heal and avoid having to the replace the joints and restore mobility. Please send good vibes.

June 30, 2016

We are almost 3 months out from Jeff’s transplant now. The kidney is working wonderfully!!! That is great! Unfortunately Jeff started to have mobility issues about a month and a half out from his transplant, severe paining his hips, knees and ankles. It has continued to get worse has time has passed. Meds have been changed in an effort to help but nothing has worked. Today we got some bad news. Jeff’s MRI came back with bilateral necrosis to both of his femur heads. It’s a rare side effects caused by the transplant drugs that doesn’t allow enough blood to the femur heads and causes them to break down. We have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon tom. wish us well!!


May 7, 2016

So happy for you! You are such an inspirational person and I'm very honored to have met you. Congratulations and cheers!

Some Weirdo.

April 13, 2016

Hang in there.

Dixie DuBois

April 11, 2016

yay Jeff!!!

Jennifer Heidenfelder