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Thank you for visiting Justin’s HelpHOPELive donation site. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for Justin during this difficult time in his life. His family is so thankful to report that Justin successfully received a liver transplant on February 24, and his recovery is going as well as we could have hoped.

While Justin is fortunate to have access to insurance that is expected to fully cover his surgical procedure (estimated to cost in excess of $500,000!), his insurance doesn’t cover any part of his intense, at-home recovery. This regimen requires four weeks of 24/7 care, followed by periodic care for an unknown amount of time, plus daily medications for the rest of his life. Justin’s year-long+ health issues took a toll on his ermployer sick leave account and he has already entered long-term disability, which has reduced his income to less than half.


April 27, 2016

Hi Justin! How have you been doing? I clicked your name and saw all about this health condition you've been going through... I felt sad looking at your photo, your eyes tell something... you used to be big and strong. I never thought that one day, I will learn about you this way.. we might have never seen each other, but you know, I still hope that someday we will. I hope if that day comes, I will see your old and wondrous smile.. Please be always safe and stay strong, just keep the faith! God bless you always!

V'anne R. Villanueva