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Support Tatiana in making her candle burn brighter

My sister, Tatiana Haas-Castro, has secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Unfortunately, the course of Tatiana’s MS is aggressive and her physical abilities have been greatly effected. Tatiana faces increasing challenges with maintaining her independence. Sadly, there are no FDA approved treatments for secondary progressive MS in the US; however, there is treatment available elsewhere called Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT). This transplant will use her own stem cells, which are reintroduced into her body to halt further progression and/ or greatly reduce Tatiana’s symptoms of MS. Tatiana is on the waiting list for at Clinica Ruiz, a reputable clinic in Puebla, Mexico. Dr. Ruiz is an alumnus of Mayo Clinic and has been treating MS patients for many years. Tatiana’s neurologist has also researched the procedure and Clinica Ruiz and is in agreement with Tatiana’s decision. We are hopeful that this procedure might help reverse much of what MS has taken away from Tatiana.

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August 29, 2016


My daughter's first day of 8th grade...yes, a little emotional

I sit here and I'm amazed at everyone's generosity, support, believing in me and most of all the love and compassion that is shown. Many family and friends, but also people I have never met!!! There are no words that could describe my appreciation!!

The time is getting closer...yep, u guessed it. I'm somewhat nervous and scared, but fortunately I'm not letting me stop. Only moving forward!!

Plane tickets have been's real!!!!

Got to still book one night in a hotel

Please continue to share my page...very much appreciated.

Life is Good...Peace Out!!

August 6, 2016

Happy Saturday to everyone!!

I can't believe the $$ raised already!! It truly is amazing!!

4 months from today I will be on my way to begin the process of getting a new immune system!!! It';s crazy, I know!!!

Thanks to everyone for donating and sharing my page!

Life is Good...Peace Out!!!

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September 2, 2016

We are all praying for you and sending virtual hugs!

Samantha Canal

August 15, 2016

Tat. I love you and I am praying that you will raise the money you need for your stem cell treatment. Sorry I will miss event and hope it is a huge success. You are an inspiration to many....good luck and I will stay in touch during this time. Praying daily for you and your journey.

Cathy Craig

August 5, 2016

So happy for you Tatiana! I have some stuff for your yard sale too! FYI Doris is my real grown up name

Bebee Bason Lee