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Fred Blom is a 65-year old husband, father, and grandfather who is very ill. After years of struggling with heart disease, specifically cardiomyopathy, he has been diagnosed with end stage congestive heart failure and a heart transplant is his only hope for survival. Fred is one of the nicest guys youʼd ever hope to meet and he needs our help. The cost of a transplant is overwhelming.

Fred grew up in Richfield, Minnesota and graduated from Richfield High School. He went on to Bemidji State University where he studied elementary education. After graduating, Fred was hired by Montevideo schools where he taught for 25 years. You may remember his wife Jeri who taught in the same school district where they met. He continues to work although he is completely dependent on an implanted left ventricle assist device (LVAD) which is a constant flow heart pump. This device was implanted in June, 2016 and is acting as a bridge to transplant. He now awaits transplant through the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Updates (37)

December 14, 2018

It has been awhile since I have updated the site. Retirement has been very good…stress levels have lessened allowing me to have more energy during the day. I am doing more of the meal cooking to let Jeri focus on her tutoring business in reading therapy. And I am closer to completing an acoustic guitar I started building almost 7 years ago, before the heart failure, with plans and wood to build 3 more.

The 3-month follow-up with the LVAD/cardiology team was last week. I am carrying more fluid than I should so medication adjustments have been made to relieve that. I will need to have more labs this week and a phone consultation with my LVAD Coordinator to monitor the weight. Daily walking continues to be an exercise priority. I seem to tire quicker than I did earlier in the fall. Hopefully, carrying less fluid and walking more will give me more endurance.

At each follow-up appointment, the Implanted Cardio Defibrillator is checked. It was noted that there have been more incidences of irregular heart rhythms. None that were bad enough to cause the ICD to give me a shock, but stronger than have been seen in the past.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Jeri and I are so blessed by everyone’s support, thoughts, and prayers. We are hoping that 2019 brings you great blessings. And maybe this will be the year of a new heart. Thank you.

September 11, 2018

Summer 2018 has ended and an eventful summer it was. The transplant team determined that a kidney transplant was not needed but close monitoring and follow-up visit with the kidney specialist would continue.

The increased risk of the LVAD forming clots was diminished through blood thinning medication adjustments and twice weekly blood draws to assess the numbers. My arms were bruised all summer long, but the clot indicating numbers have now thankfully decreased to levels lower than one year ago.

The downtown fundraiser scheduled at the beginning of June took place but had to be moved from the main street plaza to the Hollywood Theater because of an all day rain which provided us with almost 4 inches of precipitation. Our thanks go out to all who participated by providing food, entertainment, and donations for the silent auction. Thank you to everyone who braved the rainstorm and came downtown to show your support.

On July 13th, I retired. Thank you so much to my employer and all of my co-workers for the tremendous support they demonstrated during the last few years. They all showed up on my last day wearing t-shirts which read “Our Family’s Heart Beats For Fred.” An amazing group of compassionate people!

The end of July and beginning of August found my transplant status to be on hold because of an infection. It cleared up but I remained on “hold” for the rest of the month in order to travel to northern Minnesota and then the Finger Lakes region of New York to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren. It was wonderful to be with them as we only see them once a year.

My status is now “active” on the transplant list with everything looking good. The LVAD is performing well and labs show things are as good as can be expected. Medical costs continue as transplant protocol requires continued tests and follow-up visits every three months. When transplant time arrives, Jeri and I will need to live within an hour of the U of MN Medical Center for about 3 months. Our fundraising goal is still as shown above. Thank you for your support


August 15, 2018

Love ya, brother!

Dennis Leahy

July 7, 2018

We love you Fred!

Barry Brace

July 11, 2018

Prayers continue for you and your family.

Bill/Nancy Schuller

July 11, 2018

Praying for a miracle in Jesus Name!

Mary Cole