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Fred Blom is a 68-year old husband, father, and grandfather who is very ill. After years of struggling with heart disease, specifically cardiomyopathy, he has been diagnosed with end stage congestive heart failure and a heart transplant is his only hope for survival. Fred was on heart transplant list since June of 2015. On November 4, 2021 received the heart transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. He is one of the nicest guys youʼd ever hope to meet and he needs our help. The cost of a transplant is overwhelming.

Fred grew up in Richfield, Minnesota and graduated from Richfield High School. He went on to Bemidji State University where he studied elementary education. After graduating, Fred was hired by Montevideo schools where he taught for 25 years. You may remember his wife, Jeri, who taught in the same school district where they met. Fred retired in July, 2018.

Updates (50)

December 20, 2021

Today (the 45th day after transplant) was my first day of cardiac rehab. The sessions are 3 times a week for an hour. Today I have walked further than any day thus far. I have had 5 procedures to measure the pressures in the heart and to take biopsies. The pressures are normal and the biopsies show no sign of rejection!

We will probably not be back home until after the first of the year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

December 2, 2021

One month post transplant December 2, 2021

The perfect heart came at the perfect time! God answers prayer. One month ago today we got the call we had been waiting for for 6 long years. It finally happened. They found a heart match for Fred! One month later we are still going through stages of disbelief. Currently Fred is working hard in acute rehab to gain both strength and endurance. This process is going slower than he would like but he is determined to know how to best help himself and his new heart!

Fred is still on a feeding tube because of a bowel obstruction he suffered after his big surgery. We hope he will not need it for very much longer. He is eating a more regular diet of soft foods and that is going well. His labs are down to one time a day. The doctors and nurses say he is doing well. Very well! Discharge may be as early as December 8. Please continue to pray that Fred’s recovery will continue in a positive way. We thank God for his healing hand.

If you are wondering how you can help, any financial gift in any amount is a blessing. The funds raised will go towards Fred’s medical needs that are not covered by insurance.

We cannot thank you enough for the prayers and support you have shown to Fred and our family.


February 16, 2022

May God Bless you and your family. Praying for you as you continue to heal.
Hope Ludeman Paulson, RHS Class of '71

Hope Ludeman Paulson

February 13, 2022

Good luck Fred. We hope you can go home soon and everything was a success. Dean

Dean Ekegren

November 15, 2021

Good to have the enjoyable distraction of hockey while getting your GI tract back in order. Praying for amazing restoration and getting used to a new beating heart!

Pam Nedrud