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There are many of you who have met John and Julie Larson, either as a couple or separately at some point in your life. As you may know, John was at home one day and was fine and seemingly healthy when he suffered a massive stroke. I will spare you the details of his near-death experience and his slow road to recovery, but let me say loudly and clearly “ONLY GOD” is giving him the faith and strength to regain his speech, his ability to swallow and his motor skills, along with his ability to sit up. We are believing with him as he tells Julie every day that he will walk again.

John and Julie have been givers in so many ways, and have poured their lives into their children and countless others. Over the last year and half, John and Julie have been attacked in ways that would have crushed most couples, but John is a fighter, and his “Joy” has not been diminished. Whether ministering in some way or trying to present opportunities for people to change their lives spiritually and/or financially, John and Julie have wanted to be a blessing and they give and pray for God’s best for each person or family they have met along the way.

Updates (2)

July 14, 2017

We are so happy to announce WE GOT THE VAN!!!!! Thank you to all of you who gave and prayed for us. We have already been to many places with our new van. One of the first stops was to church to thank the Lord for always blessing and loving us. Next month we will start going to a local stroke support group which we are very happy about. There is much to share and learn on this journey. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for loving us. John and Julie Larson

June 7, 2016


March 15, 2017

I hope you received our donation and that it helps you reach your goal.

Cathy Benedict and Chris Gray from Ft Hunt HS!

January 20, 2017

Keep charging ahead John! God Bless you both!

Debbie Bruns

July 7, 2016

How blesser you are to be chose by the Lord to be an inspiration to so many people. Your faith in the Lord has saved your life, and inspired others. Thanks to you, there are others that perhaps were lost are now found. That were ill and now are healed. You and Julie show the world and the non-believers what faith in the Lord can do. Praise God to him be all the glory. I too am praying for you John and Julie. Sending this with love and prayers.

Maria Dyson

June 7, 2016

Hey John and Julie, our prayers are with you. My husband of almost 39 years had a stroke at the age of 55 (2011) Too much stress at the job. He was always mechanical, we built homes, fixed cars, and typical 'do-it-yourself' type of things. When he became frustrated in the early days of his stroke (30 days in Baptist Hospital, TN) my son and his family came up to visit and one time he said to his Dad (because the two of them worked in the garage so much) He say's "Dad, just think of it like this, you just have to rewire your distributor!". Those emotional moments came to him as well, sometimes they still do, But we always give thanks that he is able to wake up in the morning and we are able to be together more. So God does have thing in control. Even though we may not know it many times. Keep that wonderful smile :) God Bless you Gale and Rick Howard, Edenton,NC

Gale and Rick Howard,NC