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Hi Everyone,

As many of you know my Dad, John Larson, had a terrible fall with his wheelchair over a month ago. Because of his stroke five years ago, he drives his wheelchair with his head. He was outside that morning enjoying the weather. His sweat from the heat interfered with the sensors to control his chair. This caused it not to turn or stop. The chair drove off the porch and landed on top of the basement retaining wall pinning my Dad under it.

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November 7, 2019

Praise God we were able to buy the bed with all your help. We got an incredible deal. John just loves it and he is healing well. Thank you to my sister Pam and brother in law Mike for going and picking it up and helping my sons set it up. Scott, Brandon and my son in law Matt all came over to get it set up. It was not easy in that it is such a large bed but they made it happen. Thank you all!!

The railings on the back porch where John fell is almost complete. My brother David is building it for us. He has already completed the most dangerous places and it looks amazing.

The Department of Independent living contacted us and are going to give us a grant for John to get a roll in shower. He has had bed bathes for the past 5 years. This call was a surprise and we are so thankful.

One thing John and I believe is you must seed into your need. We had a hospital bed in our basement that we gave away free to a family in need. We know the joy of giving and we know the joy of receiving. No sooner than we gave this bed away free did donations start pouring in for our needed bed. God never fails to be faithful to his word. He says give and you shall receive. Thank you all who gave for his bed. Our prayer is God will continue to meet all your needs as well.

In Christ,
John & Julie Larson

September 26, 2019

New porch railing has begun. Dad will be coming home soon.

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November 3, 2019

Thinking of you and praying for strength and healing. ❤️

Betsy Willsey

October 23, 2019

We love you both! Brian and Anya

Brian Smith

October 5, 2019

In support of John Larson!

Valarie Wright

October 2, 2019

We are continually praying for your healing and family.

Karen & Matt Ketchum