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Almost 30 years ago, I was referred to a neurologist for an MRI by my family doctor because I was having persistent numbness in one of my legs. I didn’t think too much of it, however, in my follow up visit the neurologist informed me I had multiple sclerosis (MS). At the time, I knew almost nothing about the disease, but I knew I better find out what was happening to me and FAST. MS is an incurable disease and all of the treatment options available can, at best, only mitigate the symptoms. I have been on various medications to treat my symptoms and to slow the progression down. However, the treatments and medications have only provided marginal results. I can say, with 100% certainty, these treatments have NOT stabilized or repaired the damage MS has caused my body over the years.

Unfortunately, over the last several years the course of my MS has been moving faster and is causing more damage with each exacerbation. Fatigue has increased, heat tolerance is nonexistence, irregular gait causes frequent falls (many with injuries including fractured pelvis TWICE!) and many, many more chronic conditions. After decades of coping with the effects of MS, I began exploring other options for treating these symptoms more aggressively. After doing extensive research and having one-on-one discussions with other MS patients, the best treatment option for me is a stem cell transplant. I have consulted with my physicians, who have all encouraged me to proceed with this course of treatment. I am hopeful that a stem cell transplant, where doctors will extract and then reintroduce my own stem cells into my body, may reverse much of what MS has taken away.

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October 27, 2017

I wanted to post an update since it has been one year post Stem Cell Transplant (SCT).

It was another super busy year. In retrospect, knowing what I know now I would still make the same choice with SCT. If insurance would approve I would go through another SCT. For the record, I would recommend SCT for anyone with a debilitating illness. It is not all "pie in the sky" and at times I feel cursed, but simultaneously I feel privileged to have the ability to continue to move forward. After 30 years with MS I am still able to fight, push, thrive and achieve goals. Maybe not at the pace I would like, but I can and will get there.

I must admit MS is doing better after SCT, especially after post treatments (#60 HBOT treatments todate). Unfortunately, in January I was hit pretty darn hard in the rear by a F150 (I know he was texting). I am addressing the back issue from the accident. The body of my vehicle was repaired perfectly, but my back suffered a herniated disc. After this length of time it looks like the outpatient route will need to be stepped up to a more progressive response. From my experiences I have a new respect for people with MS and now a new respect for people with disc issues.

My hat goes off to you.

Thank you for your support with MS, SCT and for me.

I stand 100% behind the medical field to push SCT forward as a standardized treatment.

Please take care of one another and have a wonderful upcoming holiday season…

January 6, 2017


I am at #22 out of #40 with HBOT treatments.

I am currently in post treatments and a waiting time phase.

I am waiting for the stem cells to learn what their target areas are.

I know what areas those are but for some reason we need to be on the same page.

Hopefully the same page is soon-to-be and within reach.................

I appreciate all of your continuous support……..

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November 9, 2017

So wonderful to hear of good news for such a fabulous person! It does my heart good.

Ann Duffy

September 15, 2016

Hi Janet,

Gary and I have been thinking of you are are so hopeful that this treatment will prove successful for you.

Sally Stephens

August 16, 2016

Janet I have seen people do heroic deeds on occasions but you have are a hero on a daily basis by way of your strength, kindness and intestinal fortitude which serves as an inspiration to all that know you—and in particular to me. You have earned and deserve every chance there is to get better.

Paul Mansky