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Berta Needs a Kidney Transplant!

Berta Arizola, our loving mother and best friend, is in desperate need of a lifesaving kidney transplant. Our mother was born with an inherited medical condition known as polycystic kidney disease, in which clusters of cysts developed within her kidneys. The greatest risk of polycystic kidney disease is developing high blood pressure, resulting in kidney failure. Over 30 years ago, our mom faced end-stage-renal disease and underwent her first successful kidney transplant surgery. Miraculously, her new kidneys outlasted the average eight-year lifespan, and 26 years have gone by since her first surgery! We are ever so grateful that our “Mama” has been here with us to share in our lives; she not only raised us into adulthood, but has been present for the birth of her three grandchildren and even her first great grandchild!

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