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In Memoriam
Bill Stefansic

It is with great sadness we report that Bill Stefansic passed away on October 24, 2022.

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August 2, 2017


In March 2015, Bill Stefansic suffered a life changing event when scaffolding he was working on collapsed, severing a section of his spinal cord and leaving him paraplegic. (Please see Bill’s story “About Bill”). In the two years since his accident, Bill and his wife Jeanne have been struggling through the challenges of life in a wheelchair, and their current immediate need is safe and reliable transportation.

Jeanne has a lease vehicle for her personal and business use which she must surrender in October. They managed to purchase an 18 year old second hand van last year, but it is riddled with mechanical issues and is not reliable as their primary vehicle. The retrofitted electric ramp (for which replacement parts are no longer available) often fails and Jeanne has to operate it manually (the ramp can be pulled out manually but cannot be pushed back in manually, requiring a costly mobile mechanic). She also has to manually assist Bill every time in and out of the van, a repetitive motion that is creating back and hip issues for Jeanne who suffers from a herniated disc. (View "Bill's Photo Albums/Van" and the videos following this post) As Bill’s primary caregiver, the physical demands on Jeanne are difficult and risky. Even a slight injury would be a significant setback for both of them. And if mechanical issues weren’t enough, whenever it rains the van fills with water creating a dangerous and hazardous environment.

The responsibility of caring for Bill and herself is overwhelming for Jeanne, and without reliable transportation, she loses confidence in her ability to keep them safe and give Bill a life beyond the boundaries of their home.

They successfully received a grant from Vocational Rehabilitation to purchase the mobility conversion package. The cost of a new van to accommodate Bill’s specific needs is $35,000, funds they do not have. With the clock ticking on Jeanne’s lease and the unreliability of their current van, they need the funds now to purchase the vehicle.

With your help we can alleviate one of their many physical and financial burdens, and ensure Bill and Jeanne have a reliable vehicle properly equipped to help keep them both safe. Thank you for whatever you can give to help us reach our goal. PLEASE SHARE with your caring network of family and friends. The more we spread the need the closer we will hopefully get to reaching our goal.


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Donate by check payable to Help Hope Live, memo line “in Honor of Bill Stefansic”, mail to: Help Hope Live, 2 Radnor Corporate Center, 100 Matsonford Road, Suite 100, Radnor PA 19087

Our gratitude for your gift goes beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Bill's Team

August 2, 2017

Numerous steps with bending, twisting, lifting are involved for Jeanne to assist Bill into and out of the van.

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November 22, 2022

We join with all loving supporters of Bill to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. We wish you peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.

The Staff of Help Hope Live

February 8, 2021

Honoring Bill and Jeanne's courageous commitment to their partnership in dealing with Bill's spinal cord injuries.

Jane Bergquist

October 1, 2019

For the benefit of William Stefansic, 10769

Joel Forrest