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Chelsea Needs Your Help With Injury-Related Expenses

On February 29th, 2016 Chelsea was involved in an ATV accident where she suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. She was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, CA. The MRI diagnosed acute traumatic fracture to the cervical 5 vertebrae. Chelsea is paralyzed from her chest down.

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March 31, 2019

Chelsea continues battling every day. Medical issues continue to challenge her well being. There has been great improvement in her arms and upper body. She is learning to apply her own makeup and feed herself. Last week in the jacuzzi, Chelsea was clearly moving her left foot in the water!

May 31, 2018

Chelsea is currently undergoing a spinal cord surgery. She has suffered excruiating pain and is losing some sensation due to a tethered spinal cord (scar tissue has wrapped around the cord) as well as a cyst formation constricting the cord. The main goal of this surgery is to lessen the pain and improve her quality of life to continue her functional rehabilitation.
The surgeon, Dr. Falci, and his dedicated staff have assured us she is in the best of care. Dr. Falci has performed over 1300 surgeries for this very delicate and specialized procedure. We are all very optimistic and encouraged for a postive outcome.
Chelsea now has the FES bike waiting for her to come home and continue building strength and circulation in her legs while her upper spine recovers from the surgery. Chelsea has a long 12 week recovery period ahead of her.
Again…Thank you for your encouraging support on Chelsea’s journey!
Thank you for all of your love, care and support in Chelsea’s journey to recovery.

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June 11, 2019

It was great speaking with you today Shannon. Good luck with the house sale! Best regards, Thom Olson

Thomas Olson

April 1, 2019

Wishing you the best outcome, with love and respect.

Chris Tompkins

June 13, 2018

Love you, Chelsea! We always have and we always will. ❤️

Shannon Swan

May 26, 2018

Good luck on your surgery! Praying for it to Fully successful!

Carmen Everett