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My name is Christopher Hutton. I am a 39 year old father of two from Orange County, CA and on April 26 of 2003, just 3 months after turning 21, I was injured when my friend fell asleep on the I-5 while driving home. As a result of the accident I crushed my C-4 and 5 vertebrae while fracturing my C-6 and 7 as well.

The injury left me a quadriplegic. Something that was a very difficult reality for me to accept. I was an athlete my whole life. I had played sports throughout my entire childhood. I received awards in multiple sports in high school and had just finished two years on the Univ. of Pittsburgh’s basketball team. It was definitely difficult and many nights I thought my life was over.


October 14, 2021

What's up Chris? I'm glad to read about your amazing accomplishments. I would love to reconnect some day.

Noah Valdez

January 31, 2021

We love you and your sweet family, Chris. You're truly an inspiration.

Sandra Robinson

January 28, 2021

Blessings cuz...I love you❤️

Judith Echols