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Marcus Needs a Lifesaving Kidney Transplant!

Marcus Jordan is only 52-years old, and he is desperately fighting for his life. In 2008, Marcus was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, a serious and often fatal cancer that develops in the lining of the renal tubules near the kidneys. As a result, Marcus underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments and required surgery to remove his kidney; unfortunately the cancer aggressively spread, and Marcus is now without both kidneys. In order to survive while he waits for new kidneys, Marcus undergoes extensive and life-sustaining hemodialysis treatments. These dialysis treatments are only temporary, and without a lifesaving kidney transplant in his near future, Marcus’s physicians have told him that both his time and options will sadly run out soon.

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May 9, 2016

I've been knowing Marcus for along time and I must say he always looks forward to LIVING compared to some people who would have given up. I've seen him when people say this is it but as a friend and many friends of Marcus we came over several days in a row to keep him rolling in LAUGHS 24/7 and the people who said I feel sorry for Marcus are not even here today but MARCUS still is with us 24/7 messing with us every day. This man gives even hope to the LIVING people by his strength for surviving which is a JOY to watch every day MARCUS is with us because he loves to laugh just like I do. If it hadn't been for American Express and B of A which only Marcus and a few close ones only know we have laughed thru it all. Keep up the laughs Marcus because I will be laughing with you thru eternity.

Foy Smith