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You Can Make a Difference in Chris’ Life

As many of you know, my brother Chris was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease (LD) that went undiagnosed and untreated for more than five years. During that time period, Chris saw 15 different neurologists and none of them ever suggested he be tested for LD, which is so often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and totally misunderstood. Once finally tested, Chris was positive for LD and co-infections Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, West Nile Virus and Babesia. This long delay in diagnosis allowed this disease to completely take over his body. With his whole life ahead of him, Chris is now wheelchair-bound, unable to complete even the easiest of daily tasks. He cannot walk, eat, bathe or dress himself without our assistance. He cannot speak — this is the most frustrating symptom of all.

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October 28, 2017

May 19, 2017

Chris Valerio's battle with Lyme Disease, as with most Chronic Disease Patients, has its share

of ups and downs and the road back to health truly is a marathon not a sprint. Recently

Chris tried a new medicine that is used for one of his Lyme Disease Co-infections, Babesia

with dramatic results. For the first time in 3 years, Chris was once again walking as this YouTube

Video will show! Just 3 days into this medicine we started to see these amazing positives.

Chris and all of us were incredibly happy. Chris had a grin from ear to ear! The ability

to walk again lasted for almost 8 weeks and Chris then began to see some side effects to the

medicine and its dramatic effect started to fade with Chris losing most of his walking.

We had to stop this medicine, hopefully temporarily as Chris' doctors try to determine why

he is having this setback.

We hope that this is once again a small bump in the road to Chris' return to health

and again very soon, Chris will start to walk again and see additional improvements

and we, his family will again see his grin, from ear to ear!

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