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Allen Scott, commonly known as “Monty” needs a lifesaving heart and kidney transplant. Monty has been enduring the complications of severe end stage congestive heart failure, and his condition continues to digress. Monty, his cardiologists, and care team at Tufts University Medical Center in Boston have come to the point in their journey that the transplant is crucial to Monty’s survival. As a result of his heart failure, Monty’s kidneys have also been compromised, and after extensive medical testing, he has been placed on the active heart and kidney transplant list at Tufts. He has been upgraded to status 1A which allows him to be available to the next compatible donor. Monty is patiently yet anxiously waiting for the telephone call that will soon save his life!

Monty was born in Queens, New York then moved to Rhode Island where he accepted the opportunity to be educated in reputable New England. Monty excelled in his education and in multiple sports throughout high school and later in college. He mesmerized the hearts of many in his small state of Rhode Island. His personality and loyalty to others has made him a local sensation as well as a dedicated friend. Monty was born premature and his mother was told that he would experience heart issues at some point in his life. Although small signs began to show in college, Monty was officially diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the tender age of 36. This began years of medical appointments, hospitalizations, intense medications, and many more challenges for Monty. Despite these trials and tribulations, Monty always remains determined, steadfast, diligent and optimistic in his journey. He works very closely with his team of cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, techs, nurse practitioners, and CNAs; some of the best in their fields.

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December 5, 2016

Hello friends,

Things aren't going very well. Monty has been in the hospital for some time. First in a facility that we are still not sure why he was there in the first place and his health declined where he was transferred back to Tufts Medical Center for immediate medical care. When he arrived he was very sick.

Since back at Tufts, His health declined where a blood clot was found in his LVAD pump. For those in the CHF world, this is dire and scary. Typical procedure is to endure surgery to change out the pump. Monty was in a very fragile state with kidney failure, liver failure, and heart failure, so this surgery was not possible. The docs deliberated and all decided to turn off his LVAD! Oh Gosh! This was devasting to hear. When this happens it is a matter of time. Monty had gotten sick over the next couple of days and was very sick where his body was going into shock and we almost lost him. (This update is not an easy one to share friends.) Docs rushed into surgery, ECMO surgery and this was only a 50/50 chance. Monty was losing our fight. (Oh gosh this is so hard to relive!) I was losing my husband. My partner of 30 years! The love of my life. The air that I breathe, The father of our children. I just went through losing my mother 9 months ago while holding her hand and here I was faced with losing my other best friend. I was side by side my mom the whole time and even when what I could do was nothing more I was there until her last breath and here I was repeating the same helpless motions with my husband. I refused to believe that God wanted back two of my most precious people in my life so close together and so devastatingly. After the hour ecmo surgery, Monty made it. He beat the odds. While recovering Monty was stable but the next major surgery needed to happen to sustain his life. The ecmo was an immediate but temporary answer. This ecmo machine would do the functions of his heart and lungs. Two days later he was brought into surgery again to have a BI-VAD placed. The Bi-VAD if he made it through the surgery would sustain his life living in the hospital until transplant. The BI-VAD would take over the function of his heart. The surgery was a 7/8 hour planned surgery which turned into a 13 hour surgery. The surgeons were very cautious and diligent that they saw Monty through another successful, major, risky, surgery. Monty once again pushed through and survived! The next day Monty needed to go back into surgery that lasted 3 hours to remove some tubes and to close his chest which couldnt be done previously due to potential bleeding risks. Monty now recovers slowly but surely in the CTU. He is very critical. He raises his eye brows to communicate and can slighly nod his head.These are joyous moments and beautiful accomplishments! Monty will require alot of time to recover but I Know he will recover. I had an experience with God where he told me that, "Monty will be fine." He will be brought to the depths of this condition, but he will be fine." "Stay in your faith" God told me. From that moment on I had no fear and i walked stronger, walked taller in my position as caregiver, supporter, and wife. God is good and when he speaks we need to be still and listen.

Thank you friends for caring and supporting us through this journey. Your support means everything. Smoother bumps in the road, more manageable feats, and healing. We love you all.

November 3, 2016

People are resilient and people are strong. you never just how much until you have traveled the journey of a chronically ill person.

Monty is once again in the hospital. Once there he was transferred into a rehab. unsure of why but never the less we are trying to remain compliant. His spirits are still high and is working on keeping fit and physical for transplant.. until the next update friends. By the way did you check out the blogs of Helphopelive? They are awesome and one was also written on Monty. Check it out! Continued gratitude for all the support on this journey. Be Blessed and be a blessing to others.

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February 7, 2017

Monty, you are a CHAMPION and has always been. You will Heal in the name of Jesus, Spiritually you are always on my mind, in my Prayers and Heart. When there are no words to soften the pain, may your inner Holy Spirit be touched by ALL the LOVE that surrounds YOU; and slowly your HEALING will BEGIN. Monty, Good Health, Wealth and Long Life, be yours AGAIN soon. You are very much appreciated and loved for all the Good Deeds you have done for others, including my family, when it was needed the most. My Son sends his spiritual love, so PRAY and BELIEVE. God still does MIRACLES, you will see, in his time not ours. You are in excellent care at Tufts. Take care and keep on fighting. God has not forgotten. He knows the desires of your heart. Thank you Nikki for sharing your Journey of Life with your husband Monty of 30 years and family. I always

T-Bird's Family; Junior, Dave, Angie, Joyce, Nate, Anthony, Kim. Ms. E with Tee .

August 2, 2016

You have our continued support and prayers. Good bless you. Stay strong. We love you.
Calvin "Clem", Teresa, Aisha and Ahmad

Teresa Clements

July 15, 2016

Continued prayers to you and your family, stay strong!

John and Kerrie Escobar