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Steve Needs a Double-Lung Transplant!

Steve Mowrey is only 53 years-old and fighting for his life. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with a progressive form of pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that causes scarring in the lungs and usually develops without an identifiable cause. Symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing and many patients often need a lung transplant over time. Steve’s condition has progressed over the years and he now uses around-the-clock oxygen to breathe and his pulmonologist has indicated that he desperately needs a lifesaving lung transplant to survive. Steve has found his quality of life is completely taken hostage by the progressive and life-threatening nature of his lung condition. Being a non-smoker and diagnosed completely off guard, Steve is frustrated but anxiously looking forward to his new lungs so he can once again enjoy his life!

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September 5, 2016

12 WEEKS after surgery...Steve was released to GO HOME! :)♡♡---Saturday, September 3rd...we finally got to leave St. Louis and go back home to KC! Steve's recovery has gone so well since his transplant surgery....praise God, and the exceptional staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He finished his rehab on Thursday, and had his 3rd bronchoscopy on Friday....he will have monthly follow up visits with his pulmonologist at KU Med Center--to include a chest x-ray, pulmonary function breathing test, and lab work--to monitor the anti-rejection drugs....all results to be forwarded to the Barnes pulmonologists group. But he will go back to Barnes for his 6 and 12-month bronchoscopy, doctor visit/x-ray/labwork/breathing test.....and then annually thereafter.

He will be using a home spirometer for daily testing of his air volume, a blood pressure unit to monitor his BP, and must continue his daily 30 minute walks.

The doctor has also cleared him to return to his job on September 19th---he's so ready to get back living a normal life again. We are so grateful and thankful that he has been given the gift of a second chance in life.

Steve and I also want to again thank everyone for the prayers, well wishes and has meant so much to have that kind of support !! ♡♡ :)

July 17, 2016

DAY 38 after surgery --Sunday....Well it has now been just over 5 weeks since Steve had his life-saving transplant surgery....he is doing and feeling great----continuing his pulmonary rehab Monday thru Friday, walking a little faster and farther on the treadmill each day...and working to strengthen his arms and legs. He had his first post-discharge bronchoscopy, with positive results---doc said all looks normal.....and he has another doctor appointment this week, hoping to hear that he can start driving --which would be welcome news to me. ;) We're kind of in 'countdown' mode now, to when he will finish rehabbing and be released so we can head back home to KC! Other than the time we spend during the week at the hospital and trips to get groceries, we don't do too much. We were invited over to Steve's aunt and uncle's for dinner on the 4th--that was really nice and a fun time.

He did get another visit from a buddy last Saturday, and we got out for awhile...visited Gateway HD for a souvenir tshirt, and got treated to lunch--thanks Rickey! Also enjoyed a visit on Friday from his sister, Cathy, stopping on her way thru town--- and a visit yesterday from his boss, Marty, on his way thru town as well! It's always nice to have visitors from home. :)

We have made some friends here, with other lung transplant recipients and's nice to compare notes and experiences with others in the same life situation.

We so look forward to returning to our life--with Steve's new and improved version of himself...having his health back means SO much! ♡♡

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June 22, 2016

Steve looks great , I've been following Steve's story since I got the call my brothers lungs were donated to a 53 yo man . The day Steve received his transplant my brothers lungs were transplanted into the man . I cannot wait to receive the information about the recipient, I pray it was Steve :-)

Tiffany Perry

June 15, 2016

Steve is looking great! You can already tell a HUGE difference in his color! We're praying hard for him! I hope Steve is the one that got Kyles lungs! Patiently waiting! Keep up the good work Steve!

Traci Quigley

June 11, 2016

So happy to hear about Steve's progress. It's been wonderful getting to know you at Barnes this week. Praying for you both!

Laura Zinter